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Blogulator Radio 42: Mice To Know Ya

It's yet another episode of Brigitte and Qualler yammering on and on about the goodness (greatness?) of CW's The Vampire Diaries. Today's episode finds our heroes having finished watching all of season two (which originally completed airing in May 2011) and bring their theories about what will happen in season three. Yes, we said it - theories. You thought theories were left dead on Craphole Island on Lost, didn't you? They live on in #TVD. Of course, being that this was recorded during last night's telecast of the Grammy awards, Qualler and Brigitte bring their live-casting about the last hour or so of said awards show interspersed. Also, Qualler is extra ornery for some reason this episode, so watch out for that. Finally, they touch upon the latest cultural phenomenon that all white, college-educated people are mandated to watch, Downton Abbey. And don't ask us what the title of this episode means - you'll just have to listen to find out.

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