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Blogulator Radio 47: We're Not Horsing Around (And Other Horrible Puns)

Hey neighhhhh-bor, listen to our newest episode of Blogulator Radio here!

In this week’s episode of Blogulator Radio, Qualler and Brigitte bring back the “What’s New……..s” segment to discuss in detail the surprising and unusual announcement made last week by HBO that its new David Milch-penned horse-racing drama Luck would shut down production permanently due to the death of three horses in the production of the show. This leads Qualler and Brigitte to ponder a number of different scenarios that could have saved the show from its horse deaths, brainstorming different scenarios of other television shows that stopped production due to death. and so much borderline inappropriate discussion of the entire situation that we’re lucky that the ASPCA and PETA do not sponsor our show. (And after this week, probably never will. Sorry, Evan.) They also preview the upcoming HBO comedy Girls, written and starring Lena Dunham, writer/director of the movie they watched this weekend, Tiny Furniture. In said discussion, Qualler makes a few statements that are just begging to be edited out and used against him when he runs for public office. Finally, the dynamic duo wrap up with a He Said She Said discussion of DVD catch-up shows that have been forced upon by each spouse: Justified, which Brigitte is catching up on, and Dawson’s Creek, which Qualler is catching up on / weeping on a nightly basis because, gosh-darn it, those kids are gonna make it in this big old world that we live in, aren’t they?

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