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Blogulator Radio 45: Keeping Up with the Bravermans

The third season of NBC's Parenthood came to a close last Tuesday, which means it is time for Qualler and Brigitte to devote an entire hour to all things Braverman family for a third time this season. They give their thoughts on everything that happened to the Bravermans starting with the early January episode where they took a road trip to visit Zeek's mom, all the way to the end of the season where (SPOILER ALERT!) Jasmine and Crosby got married, Sarah (maybe?) got engaged to Mark (the nicest guy ever, even with dumb facial hair), Joel and Julia's baby plan fizzled out, and Adam was a self-righteous dick who thinks he's so great just because he's the oldest sibling (okay, that last one isn't really a spoiler, it's just plain obvious.) You think it's difficult to devote an entire hour to talking about what is, on paper, a pleasant family dramedy? Think again, because the Braverman clan is more than just TV family - they're totally real (in our minds.)

Listen to the Parenthood-centric latest episode of Blogulator Radio. Now with 50% fewer piratey-looking mustaches.

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