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Blogulator Radio 49: Game of Thrones: The Netcast: The Ride

Click this here link to listen to us talk about Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and our stupid dogs who constantly need our love.

M’Lord, may I present to you Qualler and Brigitte, who discuss the start of season two of Game of Thrones, as they add their voices to the masses and masses of other TV netcasts and bloggers that have also talked about it. And while it is said that a Lannister always pays his debts, Qualler and Brigitte pay no mind to the multitudes of other things on the internet that comment on Game of Thrones. In the midst of the realm that is Westeros, or, Qualler and Brigitte’s bedroom, they also discuss everyone’s second favorite period piece about people doing stuff in the 1960s and wearin’ fancy suits and doing all kinds of 60s things, Mad Men, in which they follow up Chris and Jerksica’s fawning discussion from last week with slightly-less-than-fawning discussion. The first favorite is OBVIOUSLY Magic City on Starz, duh(*)!

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(*)Kidding, people.

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