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Blogulator Radio Episode 50: Parenting and Buffoonery

It’s the big 5-0 episode and while it would make more sense for your hosts Chris and Jerksica to do a theme episode about cop shows, they instead want to talk at you about depictions of parenting on television. The reason for this is, well, because Jerksica’s about to burst and they’re about to have a son. It’s kind of on their minds a lot. So join them for a fun-filled yet sincere conversation about the shows they’re watching now that feature parenthood as a focal point (including NBC’s Up All Night and FOX’s Raising Hope) as well as some old favorites like Veronica Mars and The Wonder Years. Then they top it off with the mother of all shows that feature parents in prominent roles (for us kids that grew up in the 90s): The Simpsons, in which Chris reads off and comments on the Top 10 list entitled “The Top 10 Simpsons Episodes in Which Parenting Plays Into the Plot Based on a Cursory Research of Wikipedia.” Can you believe this will be the first time we’ve talked about The Simpsons on a netcast about TV? Oh, how they long for the 2nd-10th seasons of the show.

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