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What We're Google Readering: Fictional Bromances

Every Bunny Nestle: I wish I could have a bromance with Mike Kinsella, aka Owen. The video for his new single (off the slowly-growing-on-me New Leaves LP) "Good Friends, Bad Habits" should explain why. Not only are his chiseled yet fragile good looks on display, but there's jokes, gorgeous lullabye melodies, and other Chicago friends, including familiar faces from Joan of Arc, Love of Everything, and Braid. [Chris]

The Bastard Machine: I saw this on another blog and really did not understand how it was calculated. My head hurt for hours. But Qualler says, "AMAXING!!!!! It combines my loves of making pointless lists, watching TV, and power rankings of baseball/football/basketball teams that I enjoy. Great idea." Ah, that's why I don't get it. [Qualler]

Runnin' Scared: Josh Olson, screenwriter of the great A History of Violence, does NOT want to read your script. Though at least he offers a very persuasive reason why in this amusing open letter to aspiring screenwriters. Dude's got issues, but he's right. [OHD]

Aziz is Bored: I also wouldn't mind having a bromance with Mr. Ansari, though it would probably be based less on looking sad and making beautiful music together and more based on jokes about fat kids and "makin' you a smooooothie!" Alas, at least we can watch his favorite videos on his blog, like this classic from an episode of Wife Swap. [Lady Amy]

Geekologie: Okay so this fan-made video is kinda lame, but it's also kinda brilliant. Maybe the real-life examples of video games is getting old, but I find this adaptation of the classic Paperboy particularly clever. Especially because of their British accents. [Chris]

I'mma Let You Finish: Yes, it hasn't even been two weeks yet, but it's amazing that this new Internet meme hasn't A) gotten less funny yet and B) still has seemingly infinite possibilities. Here's a good example of one breaking the obvious mold and being a little more creative. [Qualler]

Awful Library Books: And here's your novelty blog of the week. (Wait, practically everything that's mentioned here is a novelty blog. And I still subscribe and check all of them. The novelty doesn't wear off when the Internet has so many possibilities!) That parenthetical was too long. I apologize. Anyway, take a laugh at the past! (What a blast!) [OHD]

The Daily Swarm: Thank you, Peter Lansky, aka friend to the Blogulator and crazy famous Minneapolis DJ Sovietpanda. He may spin the hottest dance night in the history of this town (Too Much Love), but he also has a wicked sense of humor. And this video, entitled "Regrets: Dave Matthews" totally revitalizes an age old past time of mine that I thought had grown stale: making fun of Dave Matthews. [Shared Item o' the Week]

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