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Gossip Girl!

Hey Gossip Girl fans!

The series that I'd been so looking forward to premiered its third season last Monday, and now that we're two episodes in, I have to say that I'm feeling kind of...m'eh. Serena is still creating scandal. Blair still can't seem to catch a break. Dan is still king of the freaking world for some reason. And Nate is still...well...Nate. Chuck may have changed a bit, but...we'll see. I'm already kind of bored with his relationship with Blair (I know, I know, this is what I wanted, but...eh, where's the drama?) but I would also be bored if the relationship failed because Chuck can't handle relationships. I guess what I'm getting at here, and what keeps echoing in my head as much as I try to shut it out: has it all been done before?

Poor Blair. Poor, poor Blair. She doesn't get into Yale, she's still struggling with the same self-esteem issues from season one, and now she can't even make a nice group of friends at NYU? And Dan is now the big man on campus, totally popular amongst the freshman class? I'm angry with the writers for acting like the "tables have turned" for Blair and Dan. Blair hasn't really been on top of her game for some time now, and Dan has always been the stupid golden boy. Stop acting like Dan being on top and Blair on the bottom is something new!

Blair is totally cute, has great clothes, a sociable if snotty personality--I just don't buy that it would be so hard for her to make friends in college. And are we to believe that she's learned nothing since the first season? I don't think that the Blair of today would really try to "rule" at NYC by gathering a bunch of girls together and giving them a condescending lecture about what it takes to be popular. This is the new Blair, I thought! She's in a good relationship (kind of) with Chuck. I don't buy that she would live in the dorms. I realize that the writers had to make her live in the dorms so that Georgina could be her roomate, but really...I don't think so. She would continue to live at home, or move in with Chuck even, but the dorms? That just seems so...beneath Blair. And while we're on the subject of Georgina...ew. Ew, ew, ew. I don't want her back, not even as a bad guy, on this show. Go away, please. How about more interesting bad guys? It seems like her only motivation is to destroy Blair. She doesn't seem like a real person at all. And Blair should be able to outsmart her. Change rooms, Blair! Leave the dorms and move back home!

I hate Dan. I hate him SO MUCH. I would really just like for him to go away. I'm also a little peeved that the gang is all sticking around New York this year. I understand that this is somewhat necessary to keep the teen dramas going, but...I would have at least liked for the whole gang to go to Yale together, it would have been a different backdrop. And now Serena won't even be going to Brown. Boo!

Despite these lackluster first two episodes, I'll still tune in. I'm hoping this is just a slow start to a good season. If I remember correctly, the second season started kind of slow, too. Here's hoping that Blair finally gets some good things coming her way, that her relationship with Chuck can be interesting without him being unfaithful, and that Dan gets kicked to the bottom where he belongs. I also hope Serena gets over the whole looking for her father thing (you don't need your biological father, Serena...you have Rufus!) and we get some more Jenny-centric episodes soon! I also think that things could spice up if Rufus and Lily's son actually makes his way into the picture. So far he's just kinda been there, lurking, reminding us that something scandalous is about to happen. Enough foreshadowing! Let it happen, already.

How do other GG fans feel about the third season thus far??

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  1. Blogger Lady Amy | 12:40 PM |  

    I was also disappointed that Jenny wasn't even really in this episode. I thought after last season that he plot line was like the new big thing. But there has to be a reason to follow her -- isn't she still in high school with, like, none of the other characters?

    What pissed me off most about frickin Dan Humphrey this episode was the totally unbelievable run-in with the other writer chick in the coffee shop who happened to read his article in some ridiculous publication that no high schooler on earth could possibly get published in, remembered his name months(?) later and recognized him in a coffee shop enough to bring it up. Whaaaahhhhh?!!!!

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