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The Show at Night, with Padley Ruffington

Hey, guys. I don't really have opinions on things this week. I did, however, find an awesome new web series. It's called The Show at Night with Padley Ruffington. At first glance, it looks like it's just a home-produced talk show, a la Tom Green. It is.

I know there's a talk show overload right now, but this one - despite some early roughness around the edges - seems to be carving out its own niche. Padley seems pretty cool, and somehow he managed to book a pretty solid first guest (I won't spoil it for you). He's got a pretty good sign-off line, too, at the end of the episode. The whole thing is only 2 min 47 secs, so you might as well give it a chance, eh?

See you in the movies!

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  1. Blogger Sean | 6:41 PM |  

    This is a show alright.

  2. Blogger chris | 1:15 PM |  

    HA! I guess the guest was going to be Midnight and I was right!

    My favorite part is the city skyline backdrop.

  3. Blogger qualler | 5:16 PM |  

    Wow Doktor this is a pretty obscure new show. Good find.

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