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Stars: They're Nothing Like Us (Another LiLo Scandal)

More Lindsay Lohan news this week -- which is probably exactly what she wants these days. As an attention whore in a dry spell, she must be going effing nuts. And apparently she is. Not that it is necessarily anything out of the ordinary for Lindsay to take scandalous photos of herself and post them on the interwebs, but OMG everyone, Lindsay Lohan took topless photos of herself in a wig and tweeted all about it.

I've got to give this picture a big "Meh" when it comes to shock value. Her goods are covered, so what's the big deal? I wouldn't even label it "not safe for work." Even Disney's The Little Mermaid had women using their hair as a bikini top. Now I don't know Twitter's nudity policy very well, but she could have done a lot better than this if she wanted to get more than the typo-infested bone Fox News threw her. Most Lindsay fans and followers scanning through her tweets probably wouldn't even ask themselves, "what's wrong with this picture?"

But this picture is just the icing on the cake. Cake filled with potential kleptomaniac scandals that involve $400,000 worth of jewelry. Lohan says she doesn't have anything to do with the missing diamond necklace and earings, but with a track record like hers (Kelly Osborne's purse, that Columbia student's fur coat) it was very stupid of Dior to lend her the jewelry in the first place. Fortunately for Dior, it would be very difficult for one of the most photographed people in the world to actually wear her stolen jems out in public. If it was Lindsay, she'll probably give it back sometime soon.

I do feel bad for her on some level. Lindsay's had a rough time in Hollyweird. But at least she can laugh at herself. If you haven't seen this Funny or Die video of her spoofing Eharmony yet, enjoy:

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  1. Blogger Brigitte | 12:15 PM |  

    oh Lindsay, what are we going to do with you!

    that video is both hilarious and really, really sad.

  2. Blogger Papa Thor | 10:15 PM |  

    I don't like that Lohan girl, I don't want you guys playing with her.

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