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90210 Season 7: Great Summertime Viewing Fun

Hey all.

So, I have to admit, I haven't really participated much in pop culture lately. That is in part because I'm waiting for my stories to start airing again (SLAT, ANTM, Gossip Girl, The Hills). It might be a long, cruel summer, if not for the promise of summertime television. Some things I'm looking forward to:

True Blood Season 2 (HBO, premieres June 14). The promos are HOT, just like a summer night. Nothing says bring on the warm, lazy days like vampires and uncut sex (OK, it's not totally uncut, but it's still pretty steamy). Check out the non-spoiler AVL vs. Fellowship of the Sun fake public service announcements below (way better than the cheesy viral ads surrounding the first season's promos.)

Mad Men Season 3 (AMC, premieres August 16). HOT HOT HOT.

Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family, premieres June 22). Why am I looking forward to the second season? Wasn't the first season absolutely unwatchable? I'm not really sure why I feel the to give it another try, but I do. I'm curious about where the writers could possibly take this show now that the baby has been born. The whole concept of a "secret life" is really gone from the show. We can all see that she has a baby. I also read an interview with the show's writer, and it kind of sounded like someone was interviewing my grandma, and she just kept saying how "realistic" the dialogue is and how it really sounds like real teens just talking to each other, and that shocked me so much that I really feel compelled to keep watching this show, written by someone so out of touch with how teenagers talk. There is something so touching and poetic about that...kind of like watching a grandma sing hip hop.

Make it or Break it (ABC Family, premiers June 22 after SLAT). A show on ABC Family about young gymnasts? Sign me up! In the promos we get to see a gymnast perform some impossible routine on the beam, and overhear an older man say to another older man "this is the one they found on a playground?" Cause, you know...sports like gymnastics don't require years of intense training, beginning around the age of 2. Some people just "have it" and get discovered by all those creepy old male scouts that get sent to the playgrounds looking for the future (insert name of gymnast anyone remembers here). I'm also excited because the two main characters are rivals who look exactly the same except one has brown hair and one is blond. Guess which one will be the bad one!

In the meantime, I've been losing all my hours to 90210 Season 7, which I recently acquired on DVD. I've had it in my possession for two weeks, and I'm already on episode 18. It's AWESOME. And there's no way I can stop after just one episode.

Qualler and I are also in Season 4 of Lost, and I hate to admit it, but...I'm totally losing steam. I'll see it through to the end because I have a strong sense of commitment, but I'm definitely not feeling the way I was when I started this strange and wonderful journey. The last thing that truly shocked me was when we found the Others living in houses at the beginning of the third season. Since then, nothing surprises me. (Qualler the Editor's Note: Really, Brigitte? Really? You weren't surprised by the Oceanic Six development? Or time-traveling Desmond? Who ARE you?)

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  1. Blogger chris | 5:43 PM |  

    I don't understand what's happening in that first one at all. But the second one made me want to catch up on the show, even though HARPER'S ISLAND IS WAY BETTER. (Preview of my post for next week!!!!)

    And yeah, I feel ya, Brigitte. I still heart Lost but Season 4 it's less about shock and awe and more about sticking with it and seeing our characters through till the end. It's still monumentally more fun than any other TV show, just not the WTF kind of fun that made seasons 2 and 3 so awesome.

  2. Blogger Sean | 6:44 PM |  

    plus season 4 is the one where they learn that the black smoke originates in hurley's colon.

    potty humor! fun times.

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