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Terminator: Plot Holes

Chris hosted a Terminator-themed party this weekend, complete with Terminator-themed food, such as Hasta la Pizza, Pasta la Vista, Trail Mix "so spicy it will Terminate your taste buds", Blackberry Iced T(ea)-1000, and Terminator Cookies (which naturally were Brownie Cookies inside Chocolate Chip Cookies). In fact, we came up with a great restaurant idea -- a restaurant called Pasta la Pizza, Baby. There will be a baby holding a bowl of pasta and a slice of pizza. There will also be a dance club section called the Tech-noir, like the first Terminator movie. And, of course, there will be dramatic reenactments of the Terminator movies, complete with people from the Connor family running away from Terminators.

All of this Terminator business brought up a few plot holes in the minds of the viewers. Briefly, here are some of those plotholes:

1) At the end of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, T-1000 and Ahh-nold's Terminator were, let's just say, "terminated." (That's not really a pun, because Arnold said it himself in the movie.) But, if they went back from the future to get terminated in the past, how were they able to effectively come from the future to do so?
2) I haven't seen Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines yet, but at the end of T2, how is it even remotely logical that there would be a sequel?
3) If Sarah Conner in the first movie found that all the other Sarah Conners in Los Angeles were being killed, wouldn't she try to change her name? Or, if she told other people, "My name is Sarah Conner", wouldn't they try to help her? Or, if the police say there's absolutely no connection in the murders, why wouldn't they say "Well, except that every person being murdered is named Sarah Conner"? It don't make no sense.

Regardless of those plotholes, the films were quite good. And the Pasta la Pizza -- even better.

P.S. Please watch Sean's cartoon post below. Trust me. It's worth it. TRUST ME.

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  1. Blogger chris | 1:14 PM |  

    Just ideas, dunno if they work logistically and I am in no way defending the convolutions of James Cameron's mind:

    1) The termination of the chip now is the reason that Skynet starts a war, giving them even more reason to become self-aware and distrust humans

    2) If Skynet still becomes self-aware and turns on the humans, then yet another attempt to go back in time and kill John Connor is devised

    3) If Sarah Connor is no longer Sarah Connor, even if only by name, then there can be no John Connor, and the humans don't get their leader John Connor that is their only hope against Skynet, thus effectively wiping out the human race (the Butterfly Effect!)

    But yes the police are dumb for not tracking down and protecting the 3rd Los Angeles Sarah Connor after two LA Sarah Connors are found dead.

  2. Blogger Unspar! | 2:03 PM |  

    Let's just say that Rise of the Machines more or less disregards everything that happened in T2, except that John Connor recognizes the Terminator when he comes to save him from the T10,000 or whatever the new for-some-reason-sexy-female terminating machine is called.

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