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Angry Amy Gets Sad and Then Angry

This week I've been really sad. Jimmy Fallon's first couple of shows on Late Night have just been a constant reminder that I miss Conan. Sigh. Still, I'm giving it a chance. So far I've seen a pretty hilariously awkward interview with Robert De Niro in which Jimmy Fallon tried to get him to play along with some sort of mutual mocking of each other. Robert De Niro was NOT likin' it - not in the least - making it very funny for me, the viewer, but I'd be embarrassed as hell if I were Jimmy Fallon. Robert De Niro is tough for your debut. Jimmy should have stuck to a few more softball guests like Justin Timberlake and Tina Fey. This was pretty funny though - but it just reminded me of Conan. :(

Perhaps it was all the freewheeling emotion that goes along with missing someone you know and care about - like my friend Conan O'Brien, who has lived in my TV for 16 years - but as I was catching up on the news today, my sadness started to become anger. You know what that means. It's time for another...


You know what makes me angry?! U2! I'm sooooo over them and all of their causes. As if it weren't enough that an Irish band had to tell me what it means to be American at this year's inauguration, now they are honorary New Yorkers and they get a street named after them! I almost puked from anger when I read this story. For one, I absolutely hate U2, and I hate the fact that U2 is everywhere. All of America loves this band like they're family! So U2 gets an effing street named after them for playing Letterman for a week. They get to confuse the hell out of drivers who will be circling where they swear 54th Avenue should be but can only find U2 Way for an entire week just because some band is putting out their gazillionth record and we're all too starstruck we don't know what to do. Let's change all of the billboards to have Bono's face plastered all over the city while we're at it! Or better yet, let's knock the head off the Statue of Liberty and re-sculpt the face in the shape of Bono's! Or perhaps we should just change the Constitution and elect Bono as our next President!

Grrr...And that's what makes me angry!

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  1. Blogger qualler | 9:58 AM |  

    The snippets I've seen of Jimmy Fallon's new show are pretty much unbearable, save for a few laugh-out-loud moments that show some promise if the writing staff starts to gel and bring some kind of cohesive "vibe" to the show (I dug the random Grace Under Fire reference in the blond mothers bit about how they stopped being desirable briefly in the mid-90s due to that show). But the "Lick It for 10" thing was just painful, and last night shaking hands with Mayor Bloomberg in front of a screen to look like it was city hall was also unbearable. All I can say is all this business is giving me Conan excitement for his new show.

  2. Blogger qualler | 10:00 AM |  

    Oh yeah, also, I don't hate U2 historically, but they got exponentially more obnoxious starting in 2000 with All That You Can't Leave Behind. Bono would make a terrible president, but he'd make a great Statue of Liberty. I think you're inadvertently on to something, Lady Amy!

  3. Blogger chris | 1:20 PM |  

    I can't stop watching Jimmy Fallon. And not because I like it. Because The Roots are awesome and I'm way too fascinated with how a man with such little discernible talent can carry a daily talk show. So many people are like "he'll grow into it just like Conan did - no one liked Conan the first year" and so I'm waiting to see if that happens. And I want to witness every moment that leads up to our kids quoting Fallon and us saying "well back in my day, there was a masturbating bear!"

  4. Blogger qualler | 1:23 PM |  

    Haha..."Do you remember a man named Conan O'Brien? He had a show where sometimes he would make a silly face! Oh, and we would laugh..."

  5. Blogger Sean | 1:47 PM |  

    Jimmy Fallon is going to be great.

    Last night's show was a huge improvement. The chair video was predictable but excellently executed. The Tina Fey interview was VERY CHARMING. I hope JF stays around for years to come.

  6. Blogger Anna | 1:22 PM |  

    I liked the part on Tuesday with Tina Fey, but other than that "Idiot Boyfriend" will be the peak of Jimmy Fallon's career. I wish him no ill, but there you go, that's the truth, shut it down NBC.

    I totally agree with Amy about U2. U Who? That's what I'd like to know! ZING. (That was not a zing.) Nobody will ever call it U2 Way, though, especially if it really is at 54th Ave, because that street doesn't exist.

  7. Blogger Sean | 1:24 PM |  

    100% wrong. last night's episode was solid all the way through. okay, CYHSY sucked, but the guests were great. jimmy even made a hilarious batman joke. top-notch.

  8. Blogger qualler | 4:54 PM |  

    He'll get better.

    Whoa, what happened to Chris's comment slamming Sean? Do I sense a Blogilry (rivalry of the bloggers)???

  9. Blogger chris | 4:57 PM |  

    I don't generally like saying "Sean's right" but last night was a big improvement. I don't recall what I laughed at, but I did at something. Two things even I believe. (thinks)

    Oh yeah, one of them was ?uestlove's face when Jimmy asked him something. He just said "no" and stared at the camera. It was awesome.

    (sorry, accidentally posted like 6 times then accidentally deleted all 6 of 'em)

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