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81st Oscars Postmortem

The 81st Academy Awards were last night and, despite all the hooplah about how this would be the most boringest Oscars ever, it went pretty much as expected -- they gave a bunch of awards, some parts were more exciting than others, and, well, that's about it. Instead of liveblogging it, I decided this year to leave the liveblogging to funnier folks like David Wain. I can't do better than what they have to say, but a lively Oscar party at Chris' household left us in general with the following thoughts:

1) Adrian Brody's new look = Jesus as a used car salesman? (Thanks for that, Chris!)
2) Disappointing that Mickey Rourke lost out on best actor, if only because based on his prior acceptance speeches, he probably would have made the most entertaining speech of all time. (Sadly, he did not body-slam the audience like Sean predicted.)
3) Best Oscar speech of all time, though, was last night, when the award-winner for Animated Short ended his speech by saying "Domo Origato Mr. Roboto."
4) I guess it's OK that M.I.A. didn't actually perform being that she had a baby a few days ago and all, but still. Suck it up, Maya! (Kidding!)
5) Hugh Jackman -- he wasn't half-bad as a host, I suppose. Is he the new, younger, pre-crazy Mel Gibson, but with more charm? I think so.
6) I kinda feel like Slumdog swept up awards more on the basis of hype than deserving, although I still liked it a lot more than a lot of other recent winners. I think I gave it a 4 out of 5 on the Nerdflix scale.
7) Kate Winslet didn't cry too hard. The version of Kate Winslet in Ricky Gervais' Extras has got to be pleased.

What did everybody else think?

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  1. Blogger Unspar! | 10:50 AM |  

    That musical medley thing was the strangest thing I've ever seen at the Oscars. I still can't get over how weird and out of place that was.

  2. Blogger DoktorPeace | 11:17 AM |  

    As much as I enjoyed the first musical bit (sans my hatred for Anne Hathaway), nobody in my basement knew what was going on with that tribute to musicals. And the segues between songs in that medley were crap.

    The musical is back! Ignore the recent success of Dreamgirls and Sweeney Todd...

  3. Blogger Sean | 12:08 PM |  

    i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hated the way they had past acting winners talk to the new nominees. it was a waste of time. i'd rather see clips of the performances and watch the nominees squirm and smirk after their clip was aired.

    this was probably the poorest directed oscar's ceremony i've seen. how many times did they cut to a clip of the winning movie and then quick cut back to the audience or state. thanks for that one second shot of that movie. i totally get why it won. NOT.

    harry was right, though, when he said last night that the broadcast would still be nominated for an emmy.

    p.s. totally called tina fey showing up, kate winslet's ugly husband, and i was half-right on j. phoenix being awesome. ben stiller, haha.

  4. Blogger chris | 1:25 PM |  

    We were also talking about how showing actual clips of the movies would have been far better than actors talking about movies they clearly had never seen before.

    However, Christopher Walken talking about Michael Shannon, because cutting to him during his little spiel made us all realize that he is the new Christopher Walken. Which was cool to know.

  5. Blogger Lady Amy | 2:21 PM |  

    And they introduced everything twice without actually playing the clips!!!! That made me soooooo ANGRY.

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