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Blogutwitter is live

In breaking "social networking" (some might say "more like social you're-not-working-right now") news, The Blogulator has officially succumbed to the Twitter revolution:


I implore you Twitterees (is that the word?) to add us to your feed thing-a-ma-jig.

in case you're not into that kind of internetting yet (I say "yet", because it's clearly a matter of time before everybody uses Twitter. 2009 for Twitter is basically what 2004 was for Facebook -- lots of skeptical faces, but in a few years y'all'll be Tweeting away like nobody's business), check out the newly added sidebar on this here site to see our latest Twitter updates (below the links and above the Google Reader shared items.)

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  1. Blogger Joe | 4:26 PM |  

    nice. I even get a little dizy looking at that awesome Windows 95 tiled background you have on your twitter page

  2. Blogger qualler | 4:27 PM |  

    We like to keep it nice and retro for you, Joe.

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