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Angry Amy Talks Entertainment These Days

Oh, yeah, it's time for another Angry Amy. I've got a double-whammy for you, so sit back, relax, and get ready to be pissed off.

You know what makes me angry?! The cost of entertainment these days! Call me a grandma or whatever, but I remember back in my day when movies were $5 - at a max - and good concerts could be seen for under $10. Of course inflation has taken its toll since "my day," but with this recession/depression/world of hurt we're in, the last thing we need is another slap in the face. And who is winding up to give us this good smack - beat-down, even? Why Ticketmaster, the evil company that apparently scalps their own tickets to the highest bidder, of course!

Ticketmaster is merging with big-time promotions and ticket sales company, Live Nation. As if the service charges they tack on aren't enough already, now I have to outbid other people to buy them in the first place! Fortunately, I am not one of those people who will drop 500 bucks to see Madonna, but it still makes me angry!

You know what else makes me angry?! Ugly babies. That's not really the point of this complaint, but man oh man are those octuplets ugly! My real complaint, (and yes, I realize the irony of it as I am typing this), is how much we have to hear about the new "Octo-mom" and the gajillion kids she has. I don't care! And I don't get why people are so passionate about this situation - either for or against her. This fascination is sooooo 1996 (a.k.a. when the first set of octuplets were born). Yes, she's a single mother who already had six kids and then over-did it with the in-vitro fertilization, but who cares?!

What I find most funny is opponents saying that "she did it for the money." Yeah, I guess I could see that. I mean, she is accepting food stamps and donations on her website, and Entertainment Weekly is reporting some speculation of reality TV show talk. But isn't there a less permanent way to make money? If she did do it for the money, perhaps she didn't think about being attached to 14 different kids for the rest of her life. That's 14 kids ruining your stuff while rough-housing, it's 14 teenagers treating you like sh** when they get moody, and most importantly, it's 14 early-mid 20-somethings asking to move into your basement to "save money." No thank you.

The point is: some people have a lot of babies. I don't care. Tell me more about sex (without babies), drugs, and rock 'n roll (without Ticketmaster). And that's what makes me angry!

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  1. Blogger chris | 11:44 AM |  

    Best Angry Amy conclusion ever? I think so.

    I can't wait till Eddie Vedder goes back to congress to say "I told you so" and they respond with, "who are you again? Did you sing 'Spoonman'?"

  2. Blogger Brigitte | 12:06 PM |  

    those babies really ARE ugly...but i think that's because they're premature. i'm sure they'll cuten up.

  3. Blogger Lady Amy | 12:19 PM |  

    Yeah, they might cuten up. You know what they say...no place to go but up.

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