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Our time with the bros has come to an end...

Alas, after only...6 short weeks, Bromance has reached its much anticipated (not really) season finale. Many bros we've already forgotten about have gone home, and now it's down to the final three: Chris, Luke, and Femi. Who will win Brody Jenner's friendship?? More importantly, how can Brody let these guys know that they are eliminated in the cruelest way possible?

As the episode opens, Luke is bitching that he doesn't understand why another contestant would "betray" him. He thought they were friends! Um, doi, Luke, it's a reality show in which one of you gets eliminated each week. You're in direct competition. He's not your friend. And guess what? Brody Jenner isn't really your friend, either.

Chris is the first to be eliminated, and we see Brody's delight in making others cry come out once again. After spending some time with the bros and having his mother administer a lie detector test, Brody announces that he will accompany the two finalists to their hometowns in order to see how they interact with family and friends.

But first, someone's gotta go!

Brody gathers the potential bros together and hands each an envelope, and the suspense builds. Chris opens his first, and finds a plan ticket to his home town. He's safe! You can really see the look of relief wash over him when he finds that ticket. This is one of his proudest moments--making it so far in the competition, winning over a guy like Brody Jenner...but wait a minute, Chris! Your spirits are about to be crushed. Femi opens his envelope next, and it's blank. Naturally, we think he's been eliminated. Luke then opens his envelope…which is also blank! For a moment, it seems that both Luke and Femi have been eliminate, and Chris has won the game. But no! Turns out, Chris’s “winning” ticket was a plane ticket home. Sorry, Chris, but bros don't fly commercial! Luke and Femi will be traveling in Brody’s private jet! The three celebrate while Chris looks like he’s just been stood up for the prom.

After spending some time with Femi and Luke’s families (and challenging children to a game of stickball…weird, guys. Weird.), Brody and the gang are back in LA, and he must make his final decision. Luke and Femi are asked to change into ugly, ugly tuxes and get into separate limousines which will take them to their final destinations. When they arrive at a building (hotel?) they separately follow the sound of Brody’s voice (again, Brody, creepy!). Luke arrives at a fantastic surprise party, where balloons and confetti fall on his arrival, hot girls hand him champagne, and everyone, including Brody, is there to cheer him on. And where does Femi end up? Alone in an empty garage, watching Luke’s victory party on a tiny television. Wearing a tux. Did I mention he was alone in a garage?

Now, I don’t want to feel bad for these guys, because, as I’ve pointed out before, they’re all total douchebags. Really, I’m thrilled that Brody feels the need to crush all their ridiculous egos (except the winner, I suppose? Though my suspicions are that even his feelings will be crushed when the cameras stop rolling and he discovers that Brody does not, in fact, want to be his “best bro.”). On the other hand, throughout this ordeal, I’ve also sort of learned that even douchebags have feelings, as demonstrated by the crying that took place in nearly every episode. So, I have to feel a little sorry for the guys who were let down so harshly. Though I suppose that if you can’t handle being totally ridiculed and constantly made to look stupid by your friends, then you shouldn’t be hanging with the bros.

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  1. Blogger chris | 11:32 AM |  

    This was like reading a REALLLY good short story. Exposition, suspense, emotional climaxes, it's all there!

  2. Blogger katherinemarie | 10:23 AM |  


    comment a: LIZARDS . . . they're just like us! that picture is amazing.

    comment duex: i have no idea what that second picture is but its exactly what i want to see more of on this page.


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