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Stars: They're Nothing Like Us (The Big Fat Loser Edition)

Tuesday night TV is terrrrrrrrrrrible! After flipping through every one of the network channels last night, my best options were a) American Idol and b) Biggest Loser. Now, for the most part I really don't like reality television that doesn't include Tyra Banks so the choice was pretty tough. However, since I already filled my Seacrest quota for this year during the AI season premiere and there's only so much dream-dashing that can hold my attention at a time, I chose the latter. Plus, like most people who watch reality fitness shows, it makes me feel better about eating an entire bag of extra-extreme butter-busters popcorn and tons of beer for dinner.

Not a whole lot went down on Loser this week, but my evening of health-related activities got me wondering about why these fitness shows have become the latest television trend. Recent studies regarding fat American children ran through my head of course, but mostly I thought about celebrities. So I read my US Weekly to see what is going on with my favorite friends and share that information with you. And what better way to follow up two hours of watching average people struggle with weight loss and address the causes of the reality fitness obsession than to see which stars got fat so far in 2009:

Jessica SimpsonJessica's former trainer defended her weight gain by saying that she's healthy and curvy. I don't know why they quoted her former trainer cause clearly Jess and the press weren't happy with the results. I think they're being a bit too hard on Jessica and not critical enough of the fact that EVERYBODY looks fat in high-waisted pants! Combine that with a belt so gaudy that Atlantic City would be embarrassed to have you over, and of course you're not going to look very good.

K-FedHe claims it's "daddy weight" - if there is such a thing - but I don't understand that argument when it comes to celebs. Don't you have nannies to take care of all that stuff? Plus, the fat photo was taken while he was playing golf. Being a full-time dad sure it tough!

And of course, there's...Oprah
Poor Oprah. Everyone's picked on her about her weight for as long as I can remember. I thought she was doing so well, but I guess she recently reached 200 pounds. You'll bounce back, Oprah!

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  1. Anonymous OHD | 11:10 AM |  

    Okay, maybe she's gained a little weight, but Jessica Simpson is mostly just wearing a really unflattering outfit. They should talk to her obviously insane stylist instead!

  2. Blogger chris | 11:11 AM |  

    Daddy weight = eating your children?

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