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And Now it's Time for an Entirely New Feature, Called...

...Celebrities: What the Heck Are They Doing in My Neck of the Woods?!
You've seen him waltz with wild dogs. You've seen him build a baseball field for imaginary ghosts. You've seen him navigate his way through a world consisting entirely of water. He even carried Whitney Houston to safety just before she married Bobby Brown and went on a bender. And now, you get to see Kevin Costner in the most challenging and surprising (at least to me) role of his life - playing terrible, white-guy country rock.

I heard a rumor that Kevin Costner was playing at The Cabooze in Minneapolis last night. At first I thought I misheard the information, because I had no idea that my mother's favorite actor from the 90s even liked music, much less played it. But after looking the concert up on the internet I discovered that it was not only true, but reviews of his new record say that he "got back together" with old music friends. I had no idea he had ever been with music friends. Where have I been?! They even have a website, a new CD, T-shirts, and they're on tour.

Like me, you may be asking yourself what kind of sensitive garbage would the star of Message in a Bottle sing. Well you're in luck, because you can listen to all of their songs on the website. And if you're wondering what Kevin Costner might sing about, you can look up lyrics to all his songs too. Plus, music videos, links to other sites about Kevin Costner, a photo gallery, and much, much more. But I'll cut to the chase: here's a video for you so you don't have to spend your entire work day surfing Mr. Costner's website. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to have your boss catch you doing that!

Don't mind all the weird NASCAR footage. You don't have to watch the whole thing; just don't miss Kev flexin' for us or the American flag ending. It's beautiful. Ahhh, that's American. Happy Inauguration, everyone!

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  1. Blogger Brigitte | 1:00 PM |  


  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:19 PM |  


    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Amy. How long has this been happening?

  3. Blogger Lady Amy | 12:42 PM |  

    I know! Shocking, right? The press stuff on the website makes it seem like it's been going on for several months, possibly a year.

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