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How Does that Make Me Feel? Monday Night Television

Greetings Blogulution. A lot has changed in my Monday night story time, and I think it's past time to let you all know how Monday night television has been making me feel.
Secret Life of the American Teenager: Highest rated show on cable television? Really? And I'm actually adding to that ridiculousness by continuing to watch it, week after boring week. In recent episodes Ricky's molester dad comes back and tries to sell the unborn baby, Amy's sister tells her that adoption is just Amy's way of being selfish and getting someone else to do "her job," and now Ben and Amy are broken up. Why do I keep coming back to this? Both the plot lines and my continued participation in this program leave me feeling: Confused.
Lack of Gossip Girl: So, it’s Monday night, I get home from the gym, all set to watch my favorite show, when low and behold—nothing was recorded this week! Was the DVR acting up? No! There was no new episode! I feel betrayed. It seems as if for every two new episodes of Gossip Girl we’re left with a week of nothing. NOTHING! I really wanted to see what would happen with our friends, but I’ll have to wait another week. As I courageously gathered up the pieces of my shattered expectations, I glanced down at my coffee table, where Blake Lively stared up at me from the cover of February’s Vogue, mocking me. Not knowing when I’ll have to go through this kind of disappointment again makes me feel: Very Sad.
No More Bromance: What quickly became my favorite reality show (only because ANTM STILL HAS NOT STARTED ITS NEW CYCLE!!! LET’S GET A MOVE ON IT, TYRA!) is already over. I personally feel that they could have stretched it for at least a full 12 episodes. Not getting to see Brody put a bunch of douche bags through humiliating ordeals each week makes me feel: Sad.
The Girls of Hedsor Hall: So, this is what MTV has to replace Bromance. This show is basically From G’s to Gents, but with women instead of men. A bunch of not so lady like American women get to live at some school in England somewhere, because British people know more about manners than we do, and wouldn’t it be funny if we put classy people together with slutty girls who like to swear a lot? Then they can really embarrass themselves! Grrr! In this episode one girl was told that she looks like a horse (by some British “gentleman”) and her reaction was to get really angry with him. Then she was, of course, reprimanded, because that’s not how a lady would handle the situation. I’m sorry…what? There’s protocol for how to react when one is told that one looks like a horse?? Some gentleman. The entire show takes “troubled” girls out of their environment and lets them know how much they lack in class. They have to wear pearls and act like ladies, which I guess means putting up with everything and keeping that sweet smile on your face. Bring back Brody, please! This show makes me so: Angry!
The City: I want to love this show. And I guess a part of me does…for the fashion. I love watching and later reading blogs about Whitney Port’s various headbands. And I guess I enjoy that in this week’s episode Whitney finally grew some balls and stood up to Olivia when she was completely rude. I’ve never seen a non-passive aggressive confrontation on a Laguna Beach-esque reality show before, so that was refreshing. Also, I don’t like Olivia. And I REALLY don’t like her stupid cousin Nevil or something. And who names their dog Mr. Butler?? Despite all this, an episode whose main source of conflict was that Olivia tried on too many outfits and so Whitney and co were late for Mr. Australian’s crappy band’s show leaves me feeling: Bored.

As you can see, things are looking pretty bleak. For now I can take solace in season 6 of 90210 on DVD. Things are really starting to heat up for Donna...but that's another blog post.

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  1. Blogger qualler | 11:19 AM |  

    Brigitte, it seems like you have some pretty ambivalent feelings about Monday night TV in general (other than GG)...maybe that would be a good night for us to catch up on some LOST? Or, better yet, DEADWOOD?!?!?

  2. Blogger Brigitte | 12:14 PM |  

    i'll watch Lost with you before I ever start watching deadwood. sorry, qualler.

  3. Blogger chris | 1:42 PM |  

    YES! I just got caught up with the new season of LOST and you NEED to start getting INTA IT.

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