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Anyone who watched Stella on TV (or found out about it later and watched it on Nerdflix) was super disappointed when Comedy Central canned it. Clearly, common people can't recognize funny when they see it. But not to fear, Stella is not dead. Well, this Stella is, but the comedy trio of Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, and David Wain is not. In fact, they are not only alive, but they're coming to town! You can check out some deets in this funny, but not very informative Pioneer Press interview with Showalter. [Ed. -- You can also check out local critic Chris Riemenschneider calling him David Showalter here.]

Like you are probably doing now, when I heard the news that Stella would be performing at First Avenue on Thursday night, I immediately asked myself, "what will a live Stella show look like?" From doing a little bit of research, I can tell you that it is likely to be a comedy that is similar to but different than the television show. Maybe something like this - only not on VH1:

Or maybe something like this - but not in the woods:

Here are the deets:
Thursday, December 4th @ 8:00 p.m.

First Avenue Mainroom

Minneapolis, MN

The only thing that could make this better? Paul Rudd - and Paul Rudd making out with me after the show.

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  1. Blogger Sean | 2:37 PM |  

    michael ian black is terribly un-funny.

    "oh, i get it, he's delivering his lines dryly. how awesome."


    michael showalter is okay. and i don't know who the nerd guy is..

    VH1 sucks, too.

  2. Blogger DoktorPeace | 2:42 PM |  

    Is this why certain friends of mine this summer said that I would be played in a movie by M I Black?

  3. Blogger chris | 11:36 AM |  

    Sean - David Wain, director of Role Models, The Ten, and Wet Hot American Summer!

    Doktor - Who has said that? You're both hot, that's for sure.

    P.S. The show was great. "Bad To The Bone" was my favoritest.

    Never saw that amazing VH1 clip - turns out that was a pilot that VH1 didn't pick up. HOW LAME!

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