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This Week in Elitism: Car Crashes As "Subtle" Metaphors For True-Life Crashes

Here at the Blogulator, there are those who maintain a fierce and dedicated hatred of a recent Oscar-winning movie. Its analogies for race relations, shoved down the viewer's throat from the first scene, make some of us want to gag ourselves with car keys. But when I crashed into a car this morning (*more on this to come), one of the first thoughts I had while sitting in the tow truck - regaining sensation in my fingers - was this: what does this mean in my life?

Should I feel eternally beholden to the person I rear-ended, for letting me wait in her backseat so I didn't freeze by the side of highway? It could be like a touching Hallmark movie, perfect for the Christmas season. Or should I take it to mean that my life is going too fast (in the high-paced field of public education) and I should move to Barbados and start some kind of eco-farming operation? (Ooh, that sounds nice right now.)

But no. I feel unchanged, except for the welcomed presence of the big, tank-like Chevy Impala now in my life. That being said, though, what are your favorite movies/television shows about people who go through harrowing situations?

Here are mine:

1. Jerry Maguire
He is an evil sports agent, whose cynicism is challenged by a hockey player's mouthy son. The mission statement he decides to write changes everything and he ends up fighting for his career and a cute little boy. And Renee Zellweger, kind of, because he finally realizes that she completes him.

2. Samantha Who?
I think this show is cute. A character who gets amnesia and learns gradually, in her new, kind persona, of the horrible person she used to be.

I'm going to cut it short, readers, because my head hurts. I would blame it on the "crash" (which was really me having to slam on my brakes when someone miscalculated their speed, and resulted in a scraped arm and lots of insurance claims) but I also couldn't sleep last night. Have a good weekend, and please try to avoid situations that lead to self-reflection and major life changes. :)

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  1. Blogger Unspar! | 9:43 AM |  

    Hey, last time I got in a car crash, I thought about moving to a foreign country too! I mean, once you don't have a car, there's nothing to keep you in America.

  2. Blogger Sean | 12:24 PM |  

    watch out, this post is filled with admissions that could be used against you in a civil trial should the other driver decide to sue.

    you've been warned.

  3. Blogger chris | 6:03 PM |  

    Sean, you should totally comment on random blogs where people yammer on about their life and tell them these kinds of things, build rapports with them, and then trick them into hiring you when you're done with lawyer school. You'll have years of income set up before you even graduate!

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