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Ad It Up...and You Get Zero

I didn't want to do three Ad It Up features in a row, but I couldn't resist on this one. Every once in a while, a commercial comes along with a jingle so catchy that it gets in your head for days and days and days. Usually they even become fodder for frat boy style musicians all over the country who dust off their guitars, meet up at random open mic nights, and pat each other on the back all night long for being so creative as to play the jingle like it was a real song. Sometimes, these open mic sessions even turn into video sessions. It happened with the National American University commercial...

Here's the painstaking rock band version:

... and I'm positive this phenomenon is happening as we speak with the new "Saved by Zero" Toyota commercials.

We haven't quite reached the home video phase for this one, but I'm sure college kids everywhere are working on it. The "Saved by Zero" commercials are, however, getting a lot of negative attention on the internets (aka where people go to complain about stuff they won't actually do anything about). Apparently the 1200 people who are annoyed by the ad have decided to express their displeasure through the new 21st century form of passive-aggressiveness - joining a Facebook group - which is apparently AP report-worthy. They haven't even written to Toyota. I'll admit, it's a crappy commercial, but I think you should have to at least write a strongly worded letter before you get an AP story. I hate lots of things, for example, but does a reporter call me every time Angry Amy shows up? No, of course not. (Though I think if 1200 people actually read Angry Amy, I'd give CNN a call or something). If you are one of those Facebook group members, though, take comfort in the fact that the "Saved by Zero" ad campaign will only last another month or so.

So maybe the hatred of this commercial will prevent it from ever reaching the open-mic home video stage, or maybe it's just not funny to video tape yourself spoofing a jingle that's derived from a real song. Either way, it's okay with me. It will save me hours of getting angry while YouTube surfing. "Saved by Zero" is actually a remake of an original 1980's song by The Fixx, with a video that is already far superior than any spoof on the jingle could be. Watch here.

You just can't compare to those beautiful 80s music videos. Beat that, frat boys!

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  1. Blogger qualler | 12:43 PM |  

    I started a facebook group that now has over 20,000 members, and I don't see no AP article asking for my opinion on anything!! I mean, I hate those commercials, but, meh, change your channel, whiny babies!

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