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Pop Fashion: Down to the FInal Three!!!!

Good day, blog readers. This week's episode of America's Next Top Model is taking us down to the final three--and we all know what that means! It means we're just an episode away from choosing America's Next Top Model, a model that all of America will look up to and admire for weeks! Why, I still remember Whitney, last cycle's winner. I can't seem to remember before that...except for that one who married the guy from the Brady Bunch.

I can't believe how quickly time goes by. Qualler and I remarked nostalgically on how it feels like we were just meeting Isis, ANTM's first transgender model, and finding out just how uncomfortable and small minded most models are when it comes to interacting with a "he/she."

The models are in Amsterdam (a city known as one of the fashion capitols of the world) and for the first challenge of the week the models had to interact with objects--cheese, toilet paper, herring. This helped them to hone in their acting skills, which they got to use when auditioning for a commercial. The catch was that there was no speaking in this commercial--just acting. For some reason this audition required them to run on a treadmill and kiss some male supermodel. As it turns out, models are remarkably better at silent acting than they are at reading actual lines (the Cover Girl commercials are always wonderfully disasterous). Even Marjorie, the complete neurotic, did a great job, and ended up winning the challenge.

Perhaps inspired by winning the challenge, Marjorie decided to invite "the boys" (local male models) over for a little party. Apparently Marjorie is the only lady model in the house who drinks, so she and the boys got a little drunky drunk and according to model commentary "things got messy." And by "things got messy," they mean that Marjorie was dared to kiss one of the boys. Um...that's not what I'd call messy. The fact that the same thing happened in the first season of Dawson's Creek when the gang was serving detention in the school's library tells me that it isn't really all that "messy." I expect more than a little truth or dare from a group of adult models who are living free of charge in a fabulous apartment in the middle of Amsterdam, for crying out loud. The other models were VERY concerned when Marjorie and one of the boys got into the tub--fully clothed. They kept saying things like "sloppy" and "out of control" to describe the situation. Really, ladies? You're going to have quite the rude awakening when you get invited to Paris Hilton's first shindig (I imagine that's the type of thing models get invited to, yes?).

Sam (have I mentioned that I hate her?) did poorly at her photoshoot, and immediatly went crying to her hair and makeup artists about it, who attempted to console her. I wish I had kind, patient, self-esteem building makeup artists to console me after a hard day...It looks like Marjorie might be developing a "drinking problem" (I know this because they keep showing different shots of her drinking what is obviously the same small glass of wine) to deal with her nervousness. Be careful Marjorie!! Didn't you see what happened to poor Lindsey Lohan? Maybe you aren't cut out for this world.

Ultimately, Marjorie's nerves sent her home, which made me sad. Samantha should have been sent home because, well, she's boring and I don't like her. Qualler wondered "why would they pck the girl with the bad photo session? Isn't that what modeling is all about?" Oh, Qualler, have you learned NOTHING from watching cycle after cycle of ANTM with me? Modeling isn't just about beautiful photos! It's about the whims of Tyra Banks and the other judges! We'll miss you Marjorie. Until next week!

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