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This Week in Elitism: It's an Obama-nation, but in the good sense.


As the Blogulator is a non-partisan, un-biased (politically) bastion of pop cultural news updates, I will refrain from sharing my personal opinions about the election of Barack Obama as our country's next President. But I feel free to share my views on the most interesting linguistic invention to come out of the past two years (adjusting tweed jacket):

The Obamanym!

Obabanyms are puns of the Obama variety. Any play on words with his name will do, to express love or opposition to his policies or personality. It's a neologism dream and I love it! Just call me Wilhemina Safire. Here is a list published in today's online New York Times:

Obamatrons Sing 'Obamalujah' Over Barackisms

Published: November 7, 2008

Filed at 7:09 p.m. ET

First there was ''Obamamania,'' punctured in places by naysayers crying ''Nobama!''

Now, as President-elect Barack Obama prepares for the White House, his message of change, resounding both at home and abroad, seems to have unleashed a barrage of Barackisms. Or

maybe they should be called Obamanyms.

Here's a glossary, culled from Web sites, news reports and the blogosphere:


OBAMAPHORIA: The postelection rapture that swept over Obama's supporters worldwide.

OBAMANATION: A twist on ''abomination,'' expressed by evangelicals and other conservatives who oppose Obama's stance on abortion, gay marriage and other social issues.

OBAMARAMA: The celebrations around the Jan. 20, 2009, inauguration.

OBAMANOS: A play on ''Vamonos,'' or ''Let's go,'' among Obama fans in Mexico.

OBAMATOPIA: The political paradise that Obama's staunchest supporters hope he'll usher in.

OBAMALUJAH: Exultation shouted by his fans.

OBAMATRONS: The policy wonks who will occupy the West Wing of his White House.

OBAMASCOPE: Media scrutiny of the new leader. (Example: ''One hundred days after Barack Obama took office, newspaper editors put the president's economic plan under the Obamascope.'')

OBAMANATOR: Hollywood-inspired nickname for the new president -- even if he's got what California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger contends are ''skinny legs'' and ''scrawny little arms.''

OBAMALICIOUS: Complimentary term used by those who like Obama's looks.

OBAMALOHA: Goodbye, Obama-style, with a nod to Hawaii, his birthplace.

OH-BAMA: Joyful exclamation, via headlines in the Kennebec, Maine, Journal, The Register-Guard in Eugene, Ore., and The Namibian, from the southern African country of Namibia.

BAMELOT: Description of his presidency, from a New York Post headline that played on the youth and freshness of John F. Kennedy's administration that came to be known as ''Camelot.''

OBAMERIKA: Headline from the Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija.

BARACKSTAR: Description from those who believe Obama is ''the Mick Jagger of politics'' (from Slate.com).

My personal favorite is Obanamos, which I may use at work with my more liberally-minded Mexican immigrant students (which is all of them). I've also see "Obamamama," which written on a t-shirt which dangerously stretched across the stomach of a very pregnant coworker (really cute!)

Can you think of any more? Maybe some plays on Barack?

Here's one for the holiday season (I already know I would buy the t-shirt): Barack of Ages

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