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Ad it Up: Fairwell to Politics

Well, blogulator reader, it's over. Finally, it's over. We have a new president and quite frankly, I am relieved. Not because of the actual politics, but because this marks the end of the political season and a new beginning. Now, we can finally stop getting angry with each other and all come together over 30 Rock, which most of us just discovered is written by that woman who looks like Sarah Palin. Before we launch into peace time, however, let's take a look at some highlights of the campaign season à la attack ad style. I just love attack ads. I love how obviously they try to elicit an emotional response out of you and how evil they paint the other person. Here are four of my favorites:

Attack Ad on McCain

Very emotional. Someone feels my pain as a working class American who is affected by the economy. But, hey! John McCain has SEVEN houses?! That's waaaaayyyy more houses than I own - not fair! You're right. I don't want to give him an eighth house - The White House! Plus, he's got a baaaaaddd memory if he can't remember how many homes he owns. Bad memory isn't a good presidential quality.

Attack Ads on Obama

Love this ad. The blue tint on Joe Biden's face really helps destroy my trust in him. The ominous music and the affected vocals on his voice, combined with lots of military images, makes me think, "will Obama be able to handle a crisis?" Who knows. Ah, but then the reassuring ending. I have a choice against the nebulous evil that my TV is showing me. I am in control after all. Whew.

Attack Ads On Al Franken

Wow. There are a whole lot of words bleeped out in Mr. Franken's speech. That makes me, the average American with 2.5 kids who may be watching him on TV, very uncomfortable. What if my kids saw him in person and he swore? Plus, boy is he angry! He points his finger a lot and yells. You're right, Mr. Coleman, I did need to see that. Thanks.

Attack Ads On Norm Coleman

I hadn't ever thought about the question of whether someone deserves to be elected. Hmmm...well, now I'm thinking about it. This ad has a lot of numbers that are confusing and an image of Norm Coleman shrinking - I think these numbers might be calculations of his badness.

Well, goodbye, political season. We'll miss you.

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  1. Blogger Brigitte | 10:34 AM |  

    these ads make me think of the mr. show ads for Harrison Greeley III Charles McHutchence:

  2. Blogger chris | 3:35 PM |  

    Good riddance political season! I have NO idea what commercials will be on TV now - what is there to advertise besides politicians? What is this thing called a "product"?

  3. Blogger Lady Amy | 5:41 PM |  

    Maybe now we'll see negative attack ads on products instead of people.

    [ominous music]

    [Deep, authoritative voice]...Kleenex CLAIMS to be the softest tissue. But how soft are they? Look at this small boy's chapped nose. Kleenex soft? Think again.

  4. Blogger Adam | 9:40 PM |  

    There already are attack ads on products. You're own "Ad It Up" blogpost is evidence of this, as seen in the "I am Mac/I am PC" ads.

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