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How Can I Wait??

Good day Blog fans! This week's episode of Gossip Girl combined two things that I love: holiday episodes of television shows and plots that seem to be repeated in every single "teen" drama, however sophisticated. Despite the rehashing of old ideas, I can't seem to get enough of GG, and this week's episode was no disappointment.

Some highlights from this week's episode:

Wallace Shawn is EVERYWHERE. He was on Sex and the City (as the ugly guy who turns out to be a really nice guy once people give him a chance) and in this week's episode of Gossip Girl (as an uggo dating Blair's mom who turns out to be a really nice guy once Blair gives him a chance). Yes, he always seems to play the same character in these types of shows, but it never gets old. We love to feel good about ourselves for giving that old, short, bald guy with the lisp a chance, don't we?
Serena wears ridiculous outfits.

It's all about family! Remember last year when we found out that Blair had an eating disorder, her dad is gay and he's the only person in her life she really loves?

I love that in Thanksgiving episodes families come together and bad characters stop being so bad (similar to Christmas episodes, though often Christmas episodes also pull the whole other worldly thing and throw in a homeless person who turns out to be an angel, so I tend to prefer the Thanksgiving special). What set this episode apart was the fact that Vanessa was still terrible--she stole Jenny's letter! We know that Nate does not really love her (cause who could? she's terrible) and that he loves Jenny. We've known that, in a way, since the masquerade ball episode when Nate mistook her for Serena (or did he?) and hit on her in front of Blair. Remember?Chuck Bass just keeps getting more and more amazing.

Nate is still preferable to Dan.

Dan is still preferable to Brandon Walsh.

Brandon Walsh is still preferable to Vanessa. I hate Vanessa.

A new episode airs in two weeks. TWO WEEKS?? How can I wait that long??

In other news, I watched the first episode of Lost...finally. Actually, I watched the first 15 or so minutes of the first episode of Lost. How did it impress me? M'eh. Generally, I have a 15 minute rule with television shows--you see, my life is already so full of commitments when it comes to TV that I can't just be expected to make room for every show out there, especially when I'm already years behind and it would mean watching episode after episode on DVD just to be caught up to speed. Because my time is so precious I give new shows that I'm not sure I want to commit to 15 minutes of air time before I hit the giant "NEXT" button on my television (this rule does not apply to shows I've already committed myself to watching, mainly shows that I begin watching with the beginning of the series, namely True Blood, which I gave three episodes). I have to say, Lost fans--this show didn't cut it for me. Now, since it's been so hyped by people whose opinions I sometimes respect, I'm going to give it another shot and watch the first few episodes before I make up my mind, but so far I'm not expecting much. In fact, all I kept thinking while viewing the first 15 minutes was how much I want to watch Party of Five again now that more seasons are out on DVD. Is this show really going to be worth my time? Convince me!

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  1. Anonymous Anna | 10:07 AM |  

    I didn't even get to see GG yet (not having TV makes it so hard to watch TV! Wah) but I agree on all points, except I've never seen 90210 so I don't really understand the Brandon Walsh reference necessarily, although I suspect from the description that he is rather Dan-ish.

    Tangent: how awesome would Wallace Shawn be as your stepfather? If he doesn't utter the word "inconceivable" at least...10 times! on this show before something terrible inevitably happens to him, I will be very disappointed. In other news, is he Aaron's father? And does Aaron resemble Milo "The Bangs" Ventimiglia to anyone else but me? And why does Aaron Rose get to be on this show so much now when Nellie Yuki is, like, MIA? Nellie Yuki was the Lane Kim of this show and I want her back, front and center, as Blair's unlikely but more reasonable second-best-friend.

  2. Blogger Unspar! | 11:44 AM |  

    Wallace Shawn is also in Southland Tales! Everyone must see it!

  3. Blogger chris | 3:35 PM |  

    I watched the Lost pilot three times before I finally convinced myself to get invested. Just keep in mind that nothing is what it seems and think about much it will sprawl out into a total mindscrew with ghosts, monsters, psychotic people, and let it draw you in slowly.

    I remember thinking people were asses when they told me "you have to be patient" when I was only through the first 3-4 eps. Unfortunately, they were right. It really only gets satisfying once you sit with the characters for a while. Not until then does the crazy crap start happening.

    But then again, I could never get past episode 4 of Dexter, so I won't hold it against you.

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