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P.S. This Movie Probably Sucks

Yo, readers, Sean here with a fresh post!

This past weekend I finally got around to seeing Michael Clayton (it was great) and the pre-show entertainment left a little to be desired.

For a while movie theaters have been showing trivia and ads while playing pop songs before the previews. The folks at the local Marcus theater have decided that trivia only has to consist of 10 repeating slides.
Did you know that Lord of the Rings featured more fake feet than any other movie? (60,000)
Or that Brad Pitt really enjoys having children? (He's quoted as saying it changed his life)
Wow, what lovely information.. Yeah, I realize these things are going to repeat, and yeah, the ads are going to be the same cause the advertisers pay for them, but at least they could change the songs. The last three movies I've seen (over the course of a month) have all been preceded by that one Snow Patrol song playing. You know, the one that's not about cars, the other new one. It starts with them playing a power chord and then they kind change it, and then change it a little more, then repeat that for three minutes while singing about cuts not healing or some crap and it finally builds to some glorious progression of octaves with strings and stuff? Yeah, that one. They played it three and a half times consecutively before the movie I saw! The first time I thought the song just had a little pause and then restarted up for another dramatic climax of sound only to later realize that it's just on repeat. Uggh!

All song aside, the icing on the cake was the preview for a new, holiday Rom-com, P.S. I Love You, starring Hillary Swank and some Irish dude. The trailer is awesome (in a funny/ironic/cynical way) and I want to share it with you... But I couldn't find it on Apple Trailers... Hmmm, YouTube always has trailers, right? Ahh, here we go!

Hahah, yes! A fan made trailer! With warped widescreen shots cobbled together from different films! And it features Snow Patrol! And it's nicely paced at four minutes, too. I'm pretty astonished anyone out there would go to the work of making a fake trailer for a real film. I guess it's based on a popular book though, a book about letting go and moving on and finding hope..

Check out the actual trailer here (prepare for laughter... and tears):

It's good to see Lisa Kudrow is still alive.
Also, what's with the Irish guy stereotypes?
They're always either abusive alcoholics or charming, carefree young dudes..

Or.. umm, vigilante saints that are totally raw!

That's it for me this week, folks. Cheers.

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  1. Blogger DoktorPeace | 1:29 AM |  

    Don't forget about Black Irish people. They're always portrayed as math teachers.

    PS I'm actually creeped out by the fan trailer, especially the background during the credits. It's like a girl died to make this trailer, and now her ghost watches over it.

    PPS I love you.

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