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I now pronounce you - blogged

After a long weekend of celebrating the union of two fellow bloggers - I'm going through social withdrawal. So I spent most of the day reading my favorite gossip sites trying to cheer myself up, but to no avail.

I've been re-assigned to cover the business and obit sections this week and it's a real bummer. Bad news all around.

Brother, can you spare $23,212,963.83?

Michael Jackson could use a little help with his mortgage payment this month. The Neverland Ranch is in foreclosure.

Rumor has it Brangelina may be preparing to buy the ranch - you know, for the kids (Disclaimer: in my professional opinion as a celebrity gossip reader I sense there may be no truth to this rumor but I'm going to report it anyway).

Though I would tend to agree that Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh might love the fair rides and the zoo animals, I wouldn't describe the scene of a child molestation investigation as the perfect place to raise my kids. But that's just me.

RIP Kanye's Mom:

Donda West died Saturday of complications during cosmetic surgery. Kanye frequently rapped about his mother, who was very close to him.

On a related note, this could mean that Kanye won't be performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show alongside the recently reunited Spice Girls.

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