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A Grab Bag of Goodies and Beat-downs

Yeah, yeah, I'm a "bum." I "don't have a lot of posts lately." I "haven't been keeping up with my blog." Well, I think that you should "appreciate the good work that I do and get excited for the return of a long-gone 'regular feature', A Grab Bag of Goodies.'" Yo Chris, Mr. English Professor, did I use the right amount of punctuation? Or spell my words correctly? Or are you too busy starting flame wars on the IMDb message boards? That's what I thought.

The Science of Sleep
Oh no you DIDN'T, Chris. You just created confusion among the Blogulator masses by thoroughly picking apart the delightfully whimsical and not-at-all-sappy The Science of Sleep, not long after I dedicated a post to the excitement I feel over Michel Gondry's past, present, and future work. May I refer to your prior post, in which you stated that writer/director Gondry "fleshed out all these visual ideas without concentrating on story or characterization". Hmm, story? Characterization? What are the musical equivalents of those? Oh yeah, WORDS, instrumental rock boy. 'Nuff said. And Gael Garcia Bernal's performance was pitch-perfect as a Mexican-born man struggling with French and English. Plus, it took place in freaking Paris, the greatest city in the world. And all Chris can say is "I did not enjoy this film while on my luxurious snow day." Hmm, somebody doesn't enjoy the goodness of things, who is it? CHRIS! It's about time we stopped being so damn Richard Roeper-and-Ebert and more Siskel and Ebert. Bam, there it is.

Avril Lavigne's new song ("Girlfriend")
I had a hard time explaining to my co-workers at my financial place of work how I actually could really like Avril Lavigne and her new song. At first, I tried explaining that I didn't really like it, that I was joking. Then I started being honest with myself, and admitted it was a guilty pleasure. Then, with the integrity of the public financial industry in mind, I showed my business ethics and admitted, no, I do not feel guilty about loving Avril's music. I love it. Look at how angsty she is. And LISTEN to how hard those guitars are and how multi-tracked her vocals are. It's over, Avril, you're the winner.

The New Arcade Fire Album (Neon Bible)
So I was all excited about, after taking a seven-something-year sabbatical on actually physically buying a new album on the day it came out, I was all primed to go to the local music store and physically buy the new Arcade Fire album, because I physically also own their first album, Funeral. So I almost was about to do that today until, last night, I found that I could "buy" it from iTunes. And, like a sucker, I did. And all I can say is, yeah, it's alright. Whew, what an underwhelming experience.

There, there's your grab bag. Shake it up and chew on it, ya jerks. And I end you with the imagination of Brigitte, giggling to "Will and Grace" and saying "Oh Jack...you can't help it...you're so gay!" It's true...it's happening RIGHT NOW.

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  1. Blogger peter | 1:32 AM |  

    So now that you all know how big a dork I am by how often I check my RSS reader...

    "Hmm, story? Characterization? What are the musical equivalents of those? Oh yeah, WORDS, instrumental rock boy."

    I don't know if you were being sarcastic, but this is wrong for about five billion reasons.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:52 AM |  

    I just have to say that the science of sleep was wonderful. If you disagree you are wrong. That's just a fact. Sorry, I don't make the rules!

    Seriously, though, I outgrew the need for a plot in like, the 11th grade, so the fact that a movie doesn't have a plot doesn't really bother me. That's not really what cinema is about. If you need proof, just look at Eraserhead. I can think of someone who really enjoyed that movie....cough polley! cough. But even if you do need a plot, I actually felt this movie, nay, FILM did have a plot line that was fairly straightforward and easy to follow. Just because it lacked resolution and was somewhat ambiguous doesn't mean there's no plot. And there was definitely character development, for both the main character and his love interest...and beside that it really was nice to look at, which I personally feel can be more important than the plot...who put this kind of emphasis on plot anyway? I mean besides Aristotle...all it all, I loved it. Visually stunning, and poignantly touching. When it was over I was left feeling really sad, in a bittersweet kind of way...and I wasn't even entirely sure why.

    The authority on film,

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:53 AM |  

    also i'm watching the OC on dvd right now, and it is so not ironic.


  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:00 AM |  

    also, i don't really watch will and grace...it was just on...you know, in the background...and i may have laughed because will was talking funny...sometimes it's kind of funny ok? leave me a lone.


  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:08 AM |  

    also, i miss live journal. anyone else? i know i said it was stupid at first, but....i miss it. i liked how openly self indulgent it was...sigh.


  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:09 AM |  

    also, i don't feel like working on my thesis....


  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:10 AM |  

    also, i don't think it's very nice to point out how a movie is stupid and make other people who liked that movie feel like they are ridiculous...can't you boys just have nice blog entries that say things like "well i personally didn't care for this film, but i can see how others might like it. to each his own! let's all get some ice cream!"


  8. Blogger chris | 5:56 PM |  

    we wouldn't get any comments if we wrote that wussy junk.

    and the fact is there's a difference between plotlessness and plotlessness for the sake of showing off how many neat and cutesy special effects you can cram in. if i wanted to watch a music video, i'd watch a music video.

    and i've never hated a big baby of a main character more before in my life.

    how is this any different from me and you and everyone we know? cutesy factor times 100, the word "poop" used endearingly, a good soundtrack, good visuals, and self-obsessed characters that are really annoying.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:21 PM |  

    the difference is when i watched this movie i felt sad. when i watched you and me and everyone we know i threw up in my mouth.

  10. Blogger nicole | 12:13 PM |  

    At first I didn't realize that "You and Me and Everyone We Know" was a movie. So I was confused when you said that "we" have a cutesy factor times 100. Maybe I do, but you guys abhor being cute (except maybe when you create cheers about friendship?) But yeah, that word is used all the time, our lives do have good soundtracks and visuals, and the self-obsessed "characters" among us are so annoying;)


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