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Blogulator Radio Episode #6: Likely Cancellation

Chris, Qualler, and Brigitte return to the studio together for the latest episode of Blogulator Radio (click to listen and/or download!) where the magic happens for the first time since the pilot and find themselves hyped to talk about a whole slew of TV shows, including perhaps one too many sidebar conversations that pop up in the middle of separate conversations about other shows. It’s kind of like falling into a Fringe-like wormhole, only to find that on the other side is Joshua Jackson playing Pacey Witter instead of the guy he plays on Fringe. The first 20-25 minutes are spent discussing shows New on the Tube, only to find that if the shows we discussed were on our made-up TV network, we’d can almost all of ‘em. Included in this conversation are new hits like HBO’s Game of Thrones and AMC’s The Killing.

The hosts then get back into Development Heaven or Hell, where they talk about shows that are in the pipeline, which devolves into a conversation about the History Channel’s Swamp People (cuz, you know, history is all about weird families huntin’ alligators). Finally, with a hat tip to TVByTheNumbers.com, the hosts dig into shows from the 2010-11 season that are close to cancellation or on the bubble, complete with impromptu jingles that go along with those potentially zapped shows. And who doesn’t want to hear Qualler and Brigitte’s impromptu jingles?

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