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(Practically a) Lifetime Movie Review: The Roommate

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not seen this movie, you must. You simply must. Behold the trailer.

This movie is like a wonderful dream I might have had after a day of watching Lifetime. It stars two of my favorites, Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester. You might remember Minka from a little hit called Friday Night Lights and Leighton from a little hit called Gossip Girl, which are both among this blogger's favorite television shows. This movie, which really is just a high budget Lifetime movie, finally brings these two together. Minka plays Sara, a normal girl from Des Moines, who goes away to college in Los Angeles to be some sort of fashion designer. Leighton plays Rebecca, who is randomly assigned to be Sara's roommate. At first everything's cool, but we quickly learn that Rebecca is totally crazy, obsessed with Sara, and probably trying to kill everyone. Of course, there are several hints about how crazy Rebecca is before we get to the climactic scene. And with those hints we learn some important lessons about how to choose our friends. Pay attention closely! This movie might just save your life. Mild Spoilers Ahead!

We first get a hint that something isn't quite right with Rebecca when Sara introduces her to a group of girls and the girls try to give Rebecca a nickname. Rebecca replies, with a smile, "Actually, I prefer Rebecca." Lesson number one: people who don't like nicknames are crazy. And might try to kill you. Stay away from them!

We later see that Rebecca prefers not to go out partying with the rest of the girls. She'd rather stay in her room and draw (we'll get to how creepy drawing is soon). Of course, this means she's a crazy person. Lesson number two: if you're in college, and someone doesn't want to go to the frat party, it means she's antisocial. And antisocial people are crazy. And will probably try to kill you. Be warned!

Another hint that Rebecca is nuts and a real threat comes when we learn that she's an artist. Yes, Sara is an artist too, but she's the normal kind of artist who wants to use art for something like fashion. Rebecca, on the other hand, draws. And she doesn't like people to look at her drawings. So, important lesson number three: stay away from most artists! They're probably just secretly drawing tons of pictures of you, because they're obsessed with you, and will eventually try to kill everyone you love. Stay away from them!

We also learn that Rebecca is on some sort of medication, but get this: SHE ISN'T TAKING HER PILLS! This brings me to the best lesson of this movie: you should never, ever trust anyone who is taking any kind of medication. That person is probably crazy! So watch out!

Go see this movie. You will not regret it. And any college freshman out there: start sleeping with one eye open!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Blogger chris | 9:52 PM |  

    Haha I thought it would be very hard to properly review that movie without mega spoilers, but you did it wonderfully. To be fair, as a college freshman I preferred "Christopher", drew in my room instead of going to frat parties, and wasn't taking my meds, and yes, I was kinda trying to kill everyone. So those aren't TOTAL stereotypes.

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