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Angry Amy: Celebrities and Twitter

Do the "kids" still roll their eyes and say, "TMI" in a snotty voice when someone shares too much? Or has that fad passed? Well, if it isn't totally uncool at this point to say "Eeeewww, T. M. I!!!" then I would like to share those words right now in this segment of...


You know what makes me angry?! When celebrities share way too much of their personal lives and gross habits on the Twitter or the Facebook or their blogs, Myspaces, E-journals, whatever. Perfect example: Jessica Simpson. TMI and Jessica Simpson, yes, do go hand in hand so it is no surprise that she decided to show us her ear wax cleaning experiments on twitvid:

So that was gross. Way gross, actually. Why does the public need to know that? We don't. In this age of ever readily available technology, it is not just kids who are struggling with knowing how much to make available on the internet. What with all the sexting and posting of embarrassing photos on Facebook and tweeting of every mundane thing everyone you know is doing, it should not shock me as much as it does that celebs are also over sharing with their Twitter followers. And you know what, it turns out they are just as boring and disgusting as everyone else. Here is another example from another celeb I love to complain about. From Heidi Montag's twitter:
Giving my self a soft tissue breast massage. Ladies we have to keep those implants soft.
Whether a self-breast exam or just an implant massage, these are the kinds of things that we ought to keep to ourselves. Plus, isn't it kind of disgusting to have parts on your body you have to regularly massage to keep from getting hard? But I digress.

The point being: TMI is bad even if you are a celebrity! And THAT'S what makes me angry!!

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 8:00 AM |  

    Haha, I guess you never read my journal from when I went to the hospital for my tooth ache? So many colors! I'll dig it out for you.

  2. Blogger qualler | 12:29 PM |  

    I would love to try that ear wax thing. I heard it works wonders! Thanks, Jessica Simpson!

  3. Blogger chris | 1:10 PM |  

    Hahaha e-journals!

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