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Stars: They're Nothing Like Us - Hot or Not?

Scandal: Hollywood is thy name. Yes, there are about a million people pissed off about a million things and, like most times, Hollywood is to blame. This week's problems have to do with where to draw the hot/creepy-hot/deadly-hot line. Today, I am going to let you, dear reader decide the ultimate question in the following Hollywood scandals: are they HOT or are they NOT? (BTW - the hot or not can refer to either the content of the pictures or to the scandal itself).

A) Tyra Banks is a Hypocrite
It just would not be a true Hollywood scandal story if somehow Tyra was not involved. Usually she is the one pointing out all of the wrongdoings of fame and fortune through her smeyezing (that's smiling with your eyes for those of you who don't obsessively watch America's Next Top Model), but this time the tables are turned. Part of me (the part that succumbs to schadenfreude) is tickled pink that the ever-preaching ANTM host has finally been called out for sending mixed messages to young ladies. Here is a snapshot of a promo for the next season that got Tyra a lot of flak.
That is a picture of Ms. Jay standing behind a model, fitting his hands entirely around her waist. It IS possible that he just has big hands (and you know what they say about big hands...), but more likely this chick needs medical attention immediately. So, blogureaders...hot or not?

B) True Blood Gets a Little More Freaky
For a long time now, I've been saying that HBO should make a porn. Not only would it be the best plot-driven porn in the entire industry, it would be the hottest too. Because HBO puts so much production work into their shows that if they could just channel it into some kind of sexually satisfying experience, I'm not sure anyone would even need real sex. But then there is the money issue...it would be very difficult to make money off of that because the people who want a lot of porn really aren't too picky about the production values. Still, it would be hot. Anyway, the next closest thing to HBO porn is a little show called True Blood. Hot vampire sex, crazy vampire kidnapping plots, and even sweet vampire heartthrobs. The scandal? Here is the newest Rolling Stone cover featuring the True Blood main characters in revealing positions.

At first I want to say hottttttt...but the blood spatter isn't right or something. Or maybe it's Eric's douche bag "look how I wield Anna Paquin's leg" face. It's just not doing it for me. But this is your poll, readers. Is this scandal HOT or is it NOT?

C) Finally, Erykah Badu Pays Up

You probably heard about the singer's troubles with the law for taking her clothes off for a music video in public in downtown Dallas. The latest news is that Ms. Badu was fined $500 and sentenced to six months of probation. They just don't get art in Texas I guess.

I'm disappointed that she had to pay $500 for shooting a video, but when you pretend to get shot in the head in the exact same spot that Kennedy was assassinated, I guess the government doesn't like that too much. So, finally, is the Erykah Badu scandal HOT or NOT?

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 8:29 AM |  

    Uh, I get in trouble when I use the wrong lingo so I hope I understand what "hot" means, in which case:
    - skinny girls are not hot, i guess i mean deadly-hot, because they are going to die
    - blood splatters are not hot either, I suppose they are creepy-hot(?)
    - naked in Texas is hot provided she has sun-screen (we used to live in Texas so we know) however, conjuring up the Kennedy assassination is creepy-hot. Now, if she were building a mosque there then I would be for it.

  2. Blogger qualler | 12:53 PM |  

    Haha, why is a Rolling Stone cover still considered a scandal? Also, I'm trying to figure out the logistics of what it appears that Eric and Bill are attempting to do to Sookie at the same time. This is a family blog, so I won't comment further than that.

  3. Blogger qualler | 12:58 PM |  

    Actually, I should probably vote on the rest of the items:

    a)Definitely NOT hot. Although, I love the way in the article that Tyra manages to still make the press release about herself: "I have experienced body image scrutiny from one extreme to the next –- as an awkward, extremely thin pre-teen who couldn’t gain weight no matter what I did, to later being slammed by the media for my fuller, curvier frame". Classic Tyra!
    b) HOT!
    c) Weird, and not too hot.

  4. Blogger LKc | 2:19 PM |  

    1. Not hot, sickly gross. PS--Big man hands, call me!

    2. Pretty hot. The blood doesn't seemed to be spattered and more streaked which does take away a bit of hotness.

    3. Not hot. Why is she resurfacing again and again while she is producing little other entertainment for the general public besides her nudity??

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