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Stars: They're Nothing Like Us (Jailbird Edition Part II)

If you are a mid-20 something washed-up celebrity with a drug and alcohol problem, a couple of DWIs on your record, and an angry parole judge (whom you literally gave the finger to) giving you a 90 day jail sentence for skipping town and somehow, after bitching endlessly about how unfair all of that seems while you are simultaneously getting special treatment in lockup, you win the public's favor and get out after two weeks behind bars, then I think you have absolutely no right to complain about anything.

Yet, somehow Lindsay Lohan is doing just that. Not only did her family plead with the public for understanding about how cruel and unusual the judge was being by sending Lindsay to jail, they whined the entire 13 days she ended up serving about not getting to see her whenever they wanted or her being deprived of bottled water and tweeting or jail causing depression, etc. Now the complaint has turned to Lindsay's direct relocation to rehab after being released early. You see, Lindsay is required to be in rehab for 90 days after serving her 90 day sentence -- hopefully rehab does not release people early for good behavior. That good behavior, Lindsay's parents claim, should have earned her one last visit with her family before transferring to rehab. According to People, Lindsay is "very upset" about not seeing her family before the transfer.

Perhaps I have the wrong idea about what "jail" or "rehab" are, because I thought that those things were supposed to be upsetting. If they weren't, then they wouldn't be very good punishments/treatments. And as a by-product of punishment and/or recovery from addiction, they are by their very nature, a little depressing. I guess divas will always find something to complain about even when they are getting the best.

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  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 12:38 PM |  

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  2. Blogger Brigitte | 4:06 PM |  


  3. Blogger Brigitte | 4:06 PM |  

    Super, super creepy. You've crossed the line, Papa Thor.

  4. Blogger Papa Thor | 4:28 PM |  

    She needs discipline, not just punishment.

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