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Teen Mom: How Does That Make Me Feel?

Hey readers! As most of you know, the second season of MTV's reality drama Teen Mom began a few weeks ago, and already it's almost too sad to watch. Episode three aired last night, and this season is decidedly more depressing than last season, and much more depressing than most episodes of 16 and Pregnant. (Watch the latest episode in full from MTV.com here.)

Each mom's story makes me feel some sort of Sad. But, I continue to watch, because at this point, I care about their stories. Being the wordsmith that I am, I'll try to elaborate on my feelings.

Maci's story makes me feel the least sad. Yes, Ryan is a total tool, but she finally spoke with a lawyer and is finally forcing him to pay child support. She also has a family that supports her (even if they sometimes nag more than she'd like) and she is back in school. She is also the only mom who seems to have a lot of supportive friends who still want to hang out with her and her son, and who are always there for her to talk to when she needs someone to listen. However, it's still obvious how difficult her life is and I wish that Ryan would stop being such a tool and just treat her nicely. Overall, Maci makes me feel: Glum.

Catelynn and Tyler's story was the one that had Qualler and I (yes, he watches it all with me) sobbing when we watched them on 16 and Pregnant. But now...m'eh. I'm a little bored (yes, I know, I'm a horrible person. Just a product of my generation, folks.) I'm happy that she and Tyler are still together and supporting each other, and I'm glad that her mom has come around and is giving her some support. However, each episode shows how much they are still hurting, and every time she talks about how much she misses her baby (she chose adoption) I start to cry a little bit. But her life is going to be OK, I think...so even though there are moments of intense sadness, Catelynn makes me feel: Blue.

Farrah's story started out as by far the most depressing of the season--her mom was arrested for battery after having punched Farrah in the face. Farrah's mom is terrible. I'm sure things are edited to make her look like even more of a villain, but...still. She seems pretty awful. However, she did manage to move out of her parents' house, and it seems as if she's starting to stand on her own and bond with Sophia. In this week's episode she even went to see a counselor, which makes me really happy, and it seemed as if she has at least a few friends who stuck around(*). Despite some of these positive changes in her life, though, her parents are still there making things difficult for her. While it doesn't depress me entirely, Farrah's plot line makes me feel: Despairing.

(*)Editor's note: We also learned for the first time that Sophia's daddy died! And, in therapy, Farrah, who has often seemed to be the most emotionally distant of the four moms, started crying while trying to describe matter-of-factly how she wished her parents had shown a little support around the time of his death. The fact that she is starting to make her connections with her emotions makes me feel: Relieved but the process of watching it happen makes me feel like it is also happening to me and makes me feel: Distraught!

Farrah's parents are horrible, but it seems like Amber's family has completely abandoned her. Yes, again, I know the way this show is edited might have something to do with that. Gary is pretty terrible, and Amber seems pretty depressed and somewhat unstable. Each time I watch this show I think, "Where are her friends or family?!? Doesn't she have anyone to help her out besides Gary?!?" She seems completely lost and I don't think she'll ever get out of her relationship, and I really worry about what kind of future she's going to have. She is also the only teen mom (who is raising a baby) who never finished high school. Amber's situation makes me feel: Intensely Depressed.

During episodes of Teen Mom, Bristol Palin has appeared in public service type promos such as the one below. Not sure how this makes me feel...

Thoughts? How does this make you feel? Birth control, anyone?

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  1. Blogger chris | 12:47 PM |  

    This is why I can't watch this show! Saddest show ever! It's like watching a never-ending MTV-edited version of Magnolia without any of the characters ever attaining redemption or peace!

  2. Blogger MissDani | 10:31 PM |  

    Hey guys,

    I'll admit, each story is incredibly sad to some degree, but each is slightly annoying also. I like Maci, but Farrah, Amber, and Caitlyn have gotten on my nerves throughout the past episodes (Amber more than any of them). Perhaps I'll write a parallel post to this one that rates each "mom" based on their ability to annoy the heck outta me. Thanks for the inspiration, lol.

    Still, I'm freakin' addicted to this show and all its drama.


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