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Angry Amy Goes Dancing

You know what makes me angry?! Dancing with the Stars! Not only is this show in a polygamous, codependent relationship with every fame-mongering ex-reality show contestant, it is constantly covered by all of the gossip magazines as if they are actually people we should care about! Ok, ok, so fine if Kate Gosslin wants to make a living out of desperately clinging to her disappearing youth and the tabloids want to enable her while hypocritically calling her a terrible mother for doing so. And no big deal if that sports reporter who was unknowingly filmed naked in her hotel room tries to relaunch her ruined career despite gossip magazines saying she asked to be stalked by wearing skimpy costumes on the show.

Now, Bristol Palin, perhaps in attempt to get back at her ex for all of his Hollywood whoring, is joining the cast in the most boring way possible. It's already a show I care very little about, but now Palin wants to perform on the show in "the most modest outfits." What the eff is the point of moving to Hollywood and aiming for fame if you are going to wear a parka zipped up to your neck the whole time. Spoiler alert, Bristol, being famous almost always equates to sluttiness.

And THAT'S what makes me angry!

  1. Blogger Papa Thor | 1:56 PM |  

    Mmm, can born-again Christians play a Catholic nun in a movie? Maybe Bristol could play a nun?

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