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Ad it Up: Political Season in High Gear

For the past week, I've had a friend in town from London. While I should be showing her the town a bit more, I am a TV junkie and we ended up just chillin' in front of the good old boob tube this afternoon. Watching TV with an international guest is great because it makes you realize just how many ads we have for medications -- most of which solve the issues associated with our American fast-food diets -- and politics. All of that TV watching got me thinking that with election day nearing ever closer it is about time I paid tribute to some of the best political ads of the year. Here they are:

Carly Fiornia

If you only got through the first minute before getting bored and continuing reading this blog post, I don't blame you. This is perhaps the longest political ad I've seen, rounding out at seven minutes and 43 seconds. And her other ones aren't much shorter. I think I found one that was three and a half minutes or so but equally as boring. If you can't get out what you want to say and attack your opponent in less than a minute, you have no business running for a position where you'll be expected to speak in sound bites. That's just my two cents.

Dr. McKenna for Coroner

Umm...truly amazing! First of all, I had no idea that Coroner was an elected position. Second, I had no idea that there were enough people who actually run for that position and are competitive enough about their campaigns to run attack ads. Finally, what an amazing attack on your opponent -- they steal body parts off dead people and sell them!!! Brilliant. Yes, the production quality is nothing to write home about and the theme of Frankenstein could not get any cheesier, but I still have to commend a Coroner candidate for having the cash flow and dirt to run such an advertisement.

Blanche Lincoln

Ah, the classic standby of political commercials. Showing congress as children always gets the heads nodding in agreement, because we all get just as frustrated with our representatives as we do with our children when they behave badly. Only we can't yell at or punish congress so the best we can do is laugh at them.

Linda McMahon -- Yes, THAT Linda McMahon

Anyone who ever grew up watching professional wrestling is now ruing the day because legendary WWF owner is running for office. I can't imagine what kind of footage her opponents have to work with for their attack ads, but she beat them right to the punch (or headlock, as it were). Genius move on McMahon's part in using her wrestling past in her own ads to showcase her "small" business ownership.

Rick Barber

And finally, there is always that politician who just takes it one step over the line. Really? The health care bill = slavery? Really? Using photographs of slaves and concentration camps? Though I do get a kick out of the ole Founding Fathers reenactment/connecting with the dead bit. That is classic. If you get some time, I'd recommend checking out his other ads, which are just as old timey and hilarious.

Happy political ad season, everyone! It will only ramp up from here.

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  1. Blogger qualler | 4:05 PM |  

    Hahahaha, oh man, Rick Barber is hilarious. I love how intense he is, talking to Abe Lincoln actors.

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