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The (Final) Lost Theories From People Who Watch Lost

Soooo...anybody seen any episodes of Lost lately?

Seriously, though, as anybody who has the internet, or has turned on a television, or talked to a male or female aged 18-49 years old, Sunday, May 23, is the date in which the final episode of ABC's sci-fi/spiritual magnum opus Lost airs. Season six has been a wild ride, to say the least. We've been to the many-times-mentioned Temple, only to find that it was housed by Sol Starr from Deadwood and a weird Asian guy who was also in one of the flash sideways scenes (did I mention there have been flash sideways scenes? Obviously you know that by now, though.) We've seen major characters pass away, both emphatically/tragically (Sun and Jin, I'm looking at you) and haphazardly (Sayid, are you sure you're gone forever?). We've witnessed "divisive" episodes that somewhat clumsily answer questions while also unloading a plethora of quasi-spiritual mumbo-jumbo. (And yes, Blogulator readers, I did like "Across The Sea", despite the occasionally clunky dialogue and reveals. The ideas were an A++, execution B-.) And, on Sunday, the big question will ostensibly be put to rest:

Who will Kate end up with?

Just kidding. But, because this is the last possible moment to attempt to theorize about what will happen on Lost in the future, here are my final Lost Theories From People Who Watch Lost.

1) Jack will do surgery on Locke, and it will result in some totally intense flash into the Island world, and stuff will merge.

2) Locke will come back to life -- the real Locke -- and be the true new guardian of the Island. (He BETTER come back to life somehow, dammit!)

3) Desmond will do some awesome stuff. (That's not really a theory, it's a fact. Just watching him run around in the flash sideways of "What They Died For" and seeing him smirk was proof enough.)

4) Smokey WILL destroy the Island, but somehow things will work out. But, not without some big sacrifice. (I know, it's vague enough that it might just happen.)

5) Vincent = Smoke Monster.

6) Sawyer will meet Juliet on the other side somewhere. Kate will not choose either Jack nor Sawyer, but will choose motherhood. (Hey, Jacob said it himself!)

7) Richard will be reunited with his former wife. Dude totally deserves to be happy. And, as Brigitte just pointed out to me, "Ahh! My God! Ridiculously handsome! He might be one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen...ever! Beautiful! He is the light of that island! He is the fire that must never go out! He's the light of the island! Beautiful! Oh, my God, those eyes...He would definitely be on my list of guys I would cheat with. Cuz, have you seen him? Oh my God! His eyes tell a story! And I could just stare at them all day. Ahhh...Richard. Richard, Richard! And he was from the olden days! Not that many people were that good looking in the olden days!" Touche, Brigitte.

Naturally, there will be much more Lost thoughts by us starting next Monday, May 24. There might even be one last episode of Drawing with Sean, featuring some more of your favorite Lost characters. (Please, Sean? Please?)

What are your theories, Blogulator readers?

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  1. Blogger Reading Rachel | 12:51 PM |  

    I think those all sound like pretty good theories. I've given up on making any of my own. Every time I do I get proved wrong, so I quit doing it and am just along for the ride.

  2. Blogger chris | 2:52 PM |  

    How can Locke come back to life? Isn't the rule "dead is dead"? I suppose they've broken/bent a lot of their "rules" though.

    I can't wait to see what happens at Miles' dad's "concert"!!!

  3. Blogger Papa Thor | 7:28 AM |  

    We watched the Lost pilot this weekend (it must have been a repeat) and all I can say is "A polar bear? What the heck is going on on that island!"

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