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Played Out: Flower, MLB 09: The Show


A couple of weeks ago I downloaded a game that promised to assuage all my concrete fears. It told me not to worry about the technology through which it flowed, for I am but adapting to nature in a new form, wherein pixels replace atoms, and endgames replace death. I am the wind, or so I was told, and I must carry the petals and their scent back to the city that has forgotten them.

Sounds like the epitome of all the bullshi* I've raved about post after post here, no? Whatever, man. In truth, the experience was by no means as visceral as I expected, as my mind remained consumed with the task of figuring out my future (aka selling The Blogulator behind Chris and Qualler's backs and cashing in... cha-ching!). But yeah, it was relaxing, and I'll admit that it's nice to see nature have a tangible point now again. As beautiful as the sunscape is, eyes can get tired of just looking, hour after hour. Give me a goal now and again – such as blowing through flowers to revitalize the land – so that survival isn't the only thing I'm stuck staring at. Survival means killing, anyway, and there's plenty of games with that shi*.

MLB '09: The Show

Commercials for Sony exclusive sports games always pissed me off back in the day, partly because they were annoying ads aimed at teens, partly because they represented the forbidden fruit for my Nintendo-laden household, and partly because the graphics looked horrendous. Well, I have now built a complete mental shield against commercials. Multiple Playstations have entered my home (with a PS3 being the device I am typing on currently). And Winning 11 Soccer (among other games) finally brought me around to the realization that gameplay supersedes graphics, as the FIFA series continues to make goal scoring possible from only 2 or 3 spots on the pitch.

Thankfully, though, this graphical point is irrelevant when it comes to the modern king of all sports games. MLB '09: The Show – despite its douchebag title still targeted at the parallel demographic – looks as good as it plays, with the latter being my opinion after an irrelevant 3 days of ownership. I've so far spent almost all my time on the “Road to the Show” mode, whereby I'm allowed to live the dream puberty stole from me and traverse up through the minor leagues towards the pros. I also get to live my fantasy of standing up for myself, having argued with the manager after he pulled me early last game. Consequently, he benched me from my next start. The man is the man in the virtual world, too, I suppose.

I'm currently pitching for the AAA Round Rock Express, but my contract is up at the end of this season, and hell if I'm gonna stick around in the Houston organization. Boy's gotta get paid, right? I'm open to offers from any team, but my hometown Orioles can most def get a discount. Just tell them to hit me back at the Baltimore pay phones.

Yeah, I've been watching The Wire. I figured my language'd give me away. Or maybe my propensity for flowers. Shi*.

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  1. Blogger chris | 8:32 AM |  

    YES. Who's your favorite character so far?

    I am SO glad you're watching it. Spoiler: a gang of former Orioles players take over the streets from Barksdale in Season 2.

  2. Blogger qualler | 8:56 AM |  

    So in need of a PS3 only for that game. That game = fulfilling all of my childhood fantasies, in order (first: desire to be a major league pitcher, second: desire to be the general manager of a team since I'm not athletic enough, third: desire to play a game where I can live those fantasies out while eating popcorn at home in my underwear).

    p.s. The Orioles players that take over are not just regular Orioles, they're crappy ones, like Sidney Ponson, Raffy Palmeiro not on 'roids, and Daniel Cabrera when he has no control. /sports reference that Chris won't get.

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