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This Week in Elitism: Mourning your stock portfolio? How 'bout a movie night?

The economy is presently the only issue in the world...according to CNN. Are we still at war? Who knows, right? But not for nothing, the economic "nuclear winter" has caused a good deal of residual depression in the money-ed class. I'm just smiling that the price of gas seems so cheap! Under $3? It's like it's free!!

For all those currently sitting bleary-eyed in front of their TV, watching the money channel- I'm sure there is one, also crying in their Açai Berry Häagen-Daaz-over-priced pint of the elite- I have another option sure to boost your spirits...

Movie Marathon!
There are numerous films that show business as it should be, pre-financial meltdown: a struggle, yes, but so much fun, so inspiring, a career option for the noble of spirit and optimism, the best kind of Americans. So put down the pint, put on your best business suit (costumes are fun at a themed-movie night!), and mix yourself a G & T...

The Pursuit of Happyness
Will Smith as a man with infinite optimism and desire for money opts into the fast-paced world of insurance, putting every ounce of his being (and his son's well-being) into reaching his goal: a flashy car! Ahh, the American dream. I personally thought all the business stuff in the beginning 90% of the movie was overkill, but the last scene, when he gets all misty, is perfection. I almost cried, but mostly because his son is the cutest little boy in the world. The point is, though, that he didn't fear a market recession, he just went for it, and so can you! Now go work on your resume.

Working Girl
Melanie Griffith as the secretary who's smarter than the bosses, who works her way through night school, lies a lot, and ultimately scores Harrison Ford! I'd sell my morals for that kind of dividend...am I right? She goes through the business world makeover, losing the 80's hair and bangles, wears $1,000 dresses, and crashes a wedding. It's mad-cap fun, but the ending, again, seals the deal: Carly Simon's amazing "Let the River Run" playing loudly over a helicopter shot of the city always gives me chills and makes me want to buy a sexy tailored suit and show those executives a thing or two. The point is that your wardrobe is essential; never buy anything but french cuffed shirts and shirts with bows are fine. Honestly.

Big Business
Here's some comic relief that still manages to put a human face on money making. The plot is a little far-fetched: two sets of identical twins are mixed up at birth and end up facing off against each other in a multimillion dollar deal, involving strip-mining and the rocking chair industry. The comic antics of Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin run the gamut of scenarios, from the putt-putt championships to FAO Schwartz, from the Plaza Hotel to the stockholder meeting. It's full of quippy one-liners that will remind you of how you used to joke around the water-cooler. Don't despair! This two-hour dose of hilarity will give you the laughter you need to help you forget that you may never have that camaraderie again. Okay, maybe you should keep eating your ice cream. It may be the only pleasure you'll have for a while.

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