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Clue: The Movie: The Ride

After re-viewing a childhood favorite, the 1985 release, Clue, this weekend (and falling asleep at 11:30pm...also a throwback to my childhood), Qualler and I began to wonder which other board games might make for good feature films. Sure, we're used to the video game turned movie phenomenon, but board games have not, so far, made the same transition. Here are some ideas that I'd like the studios to ponder. I think they could really be the newest trend in film!

Risk: The Movie
Genre: Action / Thriller
Plot Summary: Three generals take over different parts of the word, little by little, after a world-wide economic collapse leaves most nations vulnerable to invasion. The film is split between the three competing points of view, until, in the end, it comes down to a final, horrifying, 30 minute battle between the three of them.
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Shia LaBeouf, Will Smith, and Dame Judy Densch
Directed by: Ron Howard
Screenplay by: David Koepp
Tagline: "Roll the dice..."

Life: The Movie
Genre: Family / Romance / Drama
Plot Summary: A man (Matt Damon) journeys through life, picking up skills, careers, and family members along the way. Though they sometimes face adversity, they learn that the great wheel of chance can take one to unexpected places. Today a mansion, tomorrow the poor house!
Starring: Matt Damon, Hayden Panettiere, Jeff Daniels, Abigal Breslin, Matthew Broderick, and Warren Beattey.
Directed by: Robert Zemeckis
Tagline: "The greatest game of all."

Candyland: The Movie
Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi
Plot Summary: A group of college co-eds on spring break visit a mysterious candy shop in a small town on their way to Palm Beach. Unyielding to the warnings of the shop's otherwordly owner, they purchase the "forbidden gumdrops" that transport them into a horrifying nightmare that they can't escape alive. The only way to return home is to follow the candy trail, their fate determinded by the unpredictable draw of a card, to the ice cream palace. But beware the murky yet delicious molasses swamp monsters along the way!
Starring: Tara Reid, Jeremy Sisto, Eric Balfour, Raven Simone
Directed by: Uwe Boll
Screenplay by: A computer.
Tagline: "Sugar and spice and everything DEAD!"

Chutes and Ladders: The Movie
Genre: Animated Comedy
Plot Summary: A brother and sister conspire to stop their parents from getting a divorce with the help of some newfound friends--a group of energetic and clutsy yet well-meaning aliens who can transform into ladders and slides, though not always in the appropriate situation! No one wants a slide when they need a ladder! The kids learn an important lesson about life's ups and downs and taking responsibility for their actions.
Starring (the voices of): Rosie O'Donnell, Ellen Page, Michael Ian Black, Jennifer Hudson, Dennis Hopper, Hugh Grant
Directed by: Ash Brannon
Tagline: "What goes up, must come down!"

What other board games-turned-movies would make for sure-fire blockbusters?

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  1. Blogger Lady Amy | 11:03 AM |  

    Candyland the movie the ride sounds horrifying - horrifyingly delicious!

    What about Twister the movie? Five friends experiment with some new positions?

    Or possibly Monopoly the movie. A family of four....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. Blogger Sean | 3:32 PM |  

    Fireball Island!

    Dynamite Bridge!

    Chinese Checkers!


  3. Blogger chris | 6:26 PM |  

    What ARE you talking about, Sean? You played some weird games (I suppose I played Chinese Checkers at some point, though I do not recall how to play it at ALL).

    We discussed Hungry Hungry Hippos, with the voice of Jim Carrey. We also agonized over the fact that the Nathan Lane movie Mouse Hunt was not in fact called Mouse Trap or based on the game (though it easily could have been).

    P.S. I would go see all these movies.

  4. Blogger OHD | 6:43 PM |  

    I would defs watch a movie based on Pretty Pretty Princesses. The accessories should give the girls magical but potentially destructive powers.

  5. Blogger Brigitte | 9:52 PM |  

    oh yes, chris, i forgot about hungry hungry hippo...and the mouse hunt agony. We were so bummed!!! why couldn't it have been mousetrap???

    let's quit our day jobs and maybe get hired somehow as people who pitch movie ideas?

  6. Blogger Sean | 10:33 PM |  

    speaking of movie ideas, whatever happened to that awesome script you guys wrote? i'd like to give it a read.

  7. Blogger Papa Thor | 8:54 AM |  

    First off: Hungry, Hungry Hippos is not a board game, it is a sport, like baseball or lacrosse. And I doubt anyone would go see a movie about baseball or lacrosse (scoff).
    The ones I thought of included of course "Mystery Date" - this would be a psychological thriller: will you be ready for the prom? Or get stuck with a nerd?
    How about Parcheesi? Filmed on location in the mysterious Orient!
    And Brigitte, don't you remember playing "Jurassic Park, the Board Game"? Getting chased by dinosaurs! I bet that would make an awesome movie!

  8. Blogger qualler | 9:08 AM |  

    Oooh, Papa thor, I think you're onto something. Movies based on board games based on movies! I for one would love to see the movie based on the board game Jumanji that was based on the movie that was based on the original board game. Now THERE'S another board game adaptation that we all forgot about! That was pretty meta, though, being that it was literally about them literally playing the board game and then being inside it. Whoa.

  9. Blogger Papa Thor | 9:19 AM |  

    How about a movie based on a board game based on making a "making of" movie about a movie based on a board game based on a movie? Is Fellini available?

  10. Blogger Papa Thor | 9:21 AM |  

    Haha, I just notice my new icon! I don't know if I should use this out in public, here's one from my personal stash of photo's.

  11. Blogger Brigitte | 12:40 PM |  

    actually mark--Jumanji was first a picture book, then a movie, and the game came later--cause, it was, like you said ABOUT a board game, as opposed to BASED ON a board game...i think we're getting into some sticky territory here.

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