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October Baseblog

I was planning on writing a more elaborate blog post here, but post-postseason depression has sunken in as my beloved Twins ended their season last night. But some day...my dream will come true...and I, like the boy in Little Big League, will be the manager of the Minnesota Twins!

What's your favorite baseball-related pop culture matchup?

The nominees are:

Little Big League vs. Rookie of the Year
Angels in the Outfield vs. Not Crying
Fever Pitch vs. Using Two Hours of Your Life Wisely
Mr. 3000 vs. DoktorPeace and Administrator Dave (they were extras in the movie!)
"Berenstein Bears Go Out for the Team" vs. Any Other Berenstein Bears book

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  1. Blogger Dave | 7:56 AM |  

    I don't want to leak any Hollywood secrets, but let's just say that since Bernie Mac's passing, they needed two fresh faces to lead in Mr. 3001...

  2. Blogger Dave | 7:57 AM |  

    And by "fresh", of course I mean "mega-star".

  3. Blogger DoktorPeace | 8:19 AM |  

    I've yet to actually watch Mr. 3000, having grown so accustomed to seeing my face on the big screen *cough Miss Congeniality 2 cough*.

    So I choose Rookie of the Year v. Little Big League, with the slight edge - on account of my lifelong desire to be a pitcher - going to ROTY.

    Sorry about your Twins, qualler. I hope your blood pressure isn't Mr. 3001 (starring me and Dave).

  4. Blogger Brigitte | 10:16 AM |  

    I loved ROTY, but just because I had a total crush on that kid. I also really enjoy the Berenstain Bears Go Out for the Team, even though at one point in that book Sister Bear uses the word "sexist" and I kinda got uncomfortable, cause at the time, I thought it was a bad word.

  5. Anonymous Adam | 10:38 AM |  

    I don't think I've seen any of these so . . . A-Rod v. Guy Ritchie (I think A Rod won?)

    By the way Mark, I feel your pain, I'll be in a constant state of depression until April 1st, although I'll have the pleasure of seeing Tampa sweep the Sox in 4 games!

  6. Blogger qualler | 11:37 AM |  

    That's a good matchup too, Adam. A-Rod won, but in the end, what did he really win? An old lady with weird religious beliefs?

    Seeing Tampa Bay sweep the Sox would be somewhat satisfying, but it won't heal the wounds until the new season starts. It's gonna be a long six months...

    I would pay good money to see Mr. 3001 starring DoktorPeace and Dave together in one role. I assume it would be a mixture of slapstick comedy and shape-shifting Lynch style weirdness (two actors playing one part).

  7. Blogger nicole | 12:29 PM |  

    I also had a huge crush on Henry Rowengartner. I think I watched that movie a million times when I was little and it definitely wasn't because I wanted to be a picture. It's too bad that actor's biggest success since then has been as "that other guy" in the American Pie movies :(

  8. Blogger chris | 12:33 PM |  

    What about the Little Big League kid? Didn't you girls have crushes on him? Dude looks like a human Feivel!

  9. Blogger qualler | 12:41 PM |  

    I always resented the kid from ROY -- he got lucky by breaking his arm and suddenly being able to throw some good fastballs. a)Major league hitters should be able to figure out a pitcher if he only has one good pitch. b)All the girls loved him, but the kid from LBL actually had to use his brain to help the Twins succeed (regardless of the fact that he inherited the team through some will or something). Don't any girls value hard work at a desk more than being lucky to be a good pitcher?!?!? BOGUS!!!

  10. Blogger Sean | 1:49 PM |  

    my blue heaven was sort of funny. when the kids all come out at the end in those stupid suit-uniforms..

  11. Blogger nicole | 3:39 PM |  

    As a girl, I value hotness (not mouse-boys). And sorry I wrote picture instead of pitcher. I'm not baseball-savvy. I also liked The Sandlot, but I think Devon Sawa was in that, so.

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