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Summer Lovin'

Summer has been good to me so far. Despite my yearning for American's Next Top Model and new Gossip Girl (yes, I do try to bring those up in every post...they mean THAT much to me). Despite the absence of these staples in my summer days, I've found plenty to fill my time. Here are just a few things that make me smile, and a couple that make me frown...but I continue to watch anyway because, well, I'm a masochist.

My Winnipeg
I've been trying for awhile to think about how I can write about this, one of the best movies I've seen in awhile. Guy Maddin's "biography" about his hometown is funny and touching--and really effing avant-guard in the most wonderful and self-aware sort of way, without being at all pretentious. This is truly one of the best films of the summer (though it can't really be called a film of the summer, but I saw it this summer, so...there we are). There aren't really words to describe this hour and a half romp through one man's imagination and memories of growing up, but it really balances the whole intensely personal experience and common experience thing really well. Overall, seeing this made me feel: SO Happy!!

Shannon Dohrety on the new 90210
Ok, I know that this won't actually start till fall, but I recently learned that Shannon has confirmed rumors of appearing on the new series, and this knowledge makes me happy. We'll see how long it takes for her to be kicked off of this one, too...Oh, Shannon! The drama never stops when you're around. I'm glad this "remake" or "sequel" or whatever you'd like to call it features original cast members. However, I'm a little bit afraid that this will be too much a rerun of a show that (and I shudder even as I think this) might have gone on too long in the first place (10 years is a long time for a "high school" drama, after all). And, the fear that these actors will never move on to bigger and better things and will forever live only as their vapid, immature Beverly Hills characters makes me feel: Nervous.

Newhart Reruns on WGN
I was really looking forward to these, and had the dvr all set to record what would soon become hours and hours of viewing nostalgia. And yet, when I actually sit down to watch this show, I can't help but think to myself, "m'eh...I'd really rather watch something else..." I have so far only gotten through one episode, and it was actually pretty depressing. The main plot focused on George (the handyman, for those of you who can't recall), now past middle age, meeting up with his first love, whom he had not seen since high school. They had a weekend together, only to find how they'd both changed, and how one cannot recapture the past or fix old regrets...oh, and Bob Newhart always looks so sad! And, hearing his voice makes me think of The Rescuers, which is also a very dark, sad movie (or at least the parts I remember most vividly) so...that makes me sad, too. That poor little girl had to work in a diamond mine!! And her only friends were mice...what can mice do to save her? Oh, it's hopeless!! Clearly, this much anticipated rerun actually made me feel: Sad.

Mad Me
n: Season One
I've only seen one episode so far, but man I love the 50s! The dresses were pretty...and men didn't have to take all that crap from women. Weren't things simpler before all this liberation crap? And we all miss the days when we could openly smoke and drink in our offices. I'd like to move to the 50s...which Chris, Qualler and I decided is just France, today. Though, France is actually the 50s +, since you can be openly racist, treat women like WOMEN, but you've still got the internet. What would we do without the internet? Seriously, though, I love France, and so far I love Mad Men. Finally, something I can enjoy watching with my friends, talk through much of it, and still get what's going on. We'll see how I feel as I catch up on the first season, but so far this makes me feel: Happy.

Enjoy Summer while it lasts...I know we're missing our network series, but there's still plenty to do in the mean time, even without satelite and a DVR (though, I admit, this takes some creativity).

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  1. Blogger Sean | 1:16 AM |  

    speaking of newhart, i have one of his 1950's comedy albums on vinyl. it's the dullest stuff ever. all he does is setup a phone conversation and then he delivers one half of the phone conversation and the crowd laughs.

    "what would happen if abe lincoln had a public relations manager?

    hello, abe?

    oh, you want to get rid of the stove-pipe hat? i think that's a bad idea.

    well, it's your thing, abe..."


  2. Blogger qualler | 11:08 AM |  

    What you find dull, Sean, I find HILARIOUS and COMFORTING! (and, dull.) Bob Newhart is like everyone's friendly but sad Great Uncle, who quietly says funny things in a family reunion-type setting. Do I smell a Blogulator short film starring I, on the phone with someone hearing only my side of the conversation?

    Also, My Winnipeg RAWKS!!! Everyone should see it.

  3. Blogger Brigitte | 11:17 AM |  

    yeah...bob newhart makes me sad. i always feel like people are laughing at him, not with him, even though i know that's not true. just his face makes me want to cry. i do like him, and i kinda want to be friends with him, and sometimes i laugh at his jokes, but...it's laughter that covers up a deeper sense of depression.

  4. Blogger Lady Amy | 1:16 PM |  

    I'm also very excited but apprehensive about all of the 90210 women (except the ugly one, Andrea) coming back. It's going to make me really sad seeing them in their adult roles. :-/

  5. Blogger chris | 1:45 PM |  

    Doherty is not going to be a permanent member. She's coming to West Bev High to direct the school play, then going back to molerat-faced obscurity after 6 or so episodes (aka her fictional Broadway career).

    The Peach Pit, however, will definitely be a primary and lasting setting, and it will of course be a "sleek coffee shop hangout" instead of a diner. Because kids don't eat enough nowadays, they just sip their mocha java (cane flails wildly)!

    Mad Men seems like it will be a delightful mix of camp and commentary. And hot operators (connect me, please!).

  6. Blogger Brigitte | 3:24 PM |  

    it's fitting for shannon (we're on a first name basis) to only appear on the show for a little while, to direct the school play...since she didn't last all that long on the original series. i wonder if she'll make it through the entire six episodes without getting herself kicked off.

    and yes, she does look like a molerat.

  7. Blogger qualler | 3:26 PM |  

    She does look like a molerat...a HOT molerat! (At least in the first 3 seasons.)

    Hey, maybe that's how she got the part in "Mallrats" -- she thought it was called Molerats, and she knew she fit the part in a movie called Molerats. Zing!

  8. Blogger nicole | 3:37 PM |  

    I miss GG, too, Brigitte. There was an article about how racy the new ads are on USAtoday.com and they just made me sigh "I miss you!"

    Anyway, it's a little bizarre that you singled out the operators as the hot ones on Mad Men, Chris! I guess they're the nerdier ones of the group..

    I feel Mad Men could be a definite group theme for Halloween costumes, though. I feel I could pull off a Rachel Menken or Midge Daniels (I had to look those up), but in reality, I'm probably destined to be Betty Draper and will invest in a blond wig if need be.

  9. Blogger Brigitte | 4:43 PM |  

    heck yes, group Halloween costumes! i want to be one of the Mad Men. or an operator.

  10. Blogger qualler | 5:31 PM |  

    Come on people! Molerats!! It's funny!!!!!

    And I believe I originated the Mad Men Halloween theme!!!!! And, there ain't nuthin' sexier than Deb from Flight of the Conchords operatin' the phones...you know, plugging things into holes...if you catch my drift.......

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