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Blogulator Radio 80: Santa Klaus Is Coming To Town: A Vampire Diaries Roundtable

Qualler and Brigitte invite The AV Club's Carrie Raisler (@TVandDinners) and Blogulator correspondent Chris Castro (@sarCCastro) to talk about all things season four of CW's stalwart series The Vampire Diaries. The four of them discuss such relevant topics like: Whoa, Jeremy's looking pretty jacked lately--has he been working out? Why can't Bonnie stop being a walking plot device? We haven't seen Klaus lately--could he be the real Santa (K)laus? They also talk about more specific plot-related things like, why can't the writers of the show just let Damon & Elena's budding relationship develop? Why must they constantly tell us that them dating is a bad thing? Sire-bonding? Come on. Seriously. Also, why is all of this love triangle stuff so strongly overshadowing the relatively well-constructed "main" arc of the season involving the totally-not-shady-but-yes-shady Professor Shane? Will "the experience" mean there will finally be zombies on the show? What would a zombie vampire be like? If a zombie bit a vampire, what would it turn into, and vice versa? We tackle all of these topics and more in our hour-long Vampire Diaries roundtable. Enjoy.

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