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Blogulator Radio Episode 30: Halloween


Happy Halloween, Blogulator Radio listeners! In this week’s extra spooky episode, Qualler and Brigitte discuss the merits and demerits of FX’s newest zeitgeist-capturing horror-drama on FX, the Ryan Murphy-helmed American Horror Story. Listen as Qualler and Brigitte attempt to make sense of why Dylan McDermott cries & pleasures himself so frequently, how it makes any sense at all that his family would stay in an obviously haunted house, the wildly differing tonal shifts that occur within minutes of each other, and much more. After dissecting the first four episodes of the series, Qualler and Brigitte discuss the Halloween-themed episodes of Dawson’s Creek and Cheers that they watched this past week. Also…BOO!

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  1. Blogger chris | 8:50 PM |  

    Cable is hooked up! I watched Episode 3! It's much better than the first two! But it's still crazy! Less obnoxious cuts but still a lot of exclamation point scenes! I'm gonna ride it out even though I wouldn't say it's a good show yet! At least it's interesting!(?)

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