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Blogulator Radio Episode 29 - Vince Gilligan is a Genius

 Stream our newest episode of Blogulator Radio here.

It really shouldn’t be a surprise that a netcast about television is extolling the virtues of the most critically lauded show in recent memory, AMC’s Breaking Bad, but just because Qualler, Brigitte, and Chris aren’t exactly original in their tastes as TV nerds doesn’t mean that their praise of Vince Gilligan’s creation is any less deserving. The fourth season following cancer-stricken chemist Walter White and co. came to a close not too long ago and now that the hosts of Blogulator Radio have caught up and/or fully absorbed it all, this week’s episode is all about deconstructing the monolithic can-do-no-wrong serial story. As should be obvious, then, if you are not on track with the show, which will hopefully sooner rather than later head into its final 16-episode stretch, then consider yourself SPOILER ALERTED. Much talk is had here about the resident drug dealers, DEA agents, and innocent standers by of Albuquerque, New Mexico, so if you’re not in the know, get to it! Best show on television! First three seasons available for streaming via our sponsor (see below)!

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