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Blogulator Radio Preview: The ABCs of TV (Fall 2011)

Monday will, per usual, bring us a new episode of Blogulator Radio for the Fancy Pants Gangsters Netcast Network. Here is a preview of the next edition, with your hosts Chris and Jerksica:

A is for Adam Scott of Parks and Recreation.
B is for is for Julie Bowen, star of Modern Family.
C is for Community.
D is for is for Kat Dennings, star of 2 Broke Girls.
E is for Eddie Cibrian, star of The Playboy Club (RIP).
F is for Ben Folds, judge of The Sing-Off.
G is for Garret Dillahunt, star of Raising Hope.
H is for Happy Endings.
I is for Ioan Gruffud, star of Ringer.
J is for Jonathan Banks, star of Breaking Bad.
K is for Anna Kournikova, trainer for The Biggest Loser.
L is for Louie.
M is for Millionaire Matchmaker.
N is for New Girl.
O is for The Office.
P is for Pan Am.
Q is for Aidan Quinn, star of Prime Suspect.
R is for Revenge.
S is for Suburgatory.
T is for Terra Nova.
U is for Up All Night.
V is for The Vampire Diaries.
W is for Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.
X is for The X Factor.
Y is for You, the viewer, who puts up with all this crap.
Z is for Zeek from Parenthood.

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  1. Blogger qualler | 2:35 PM |  

    Ooh, I am intrigued!

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