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New Housewives, Same Old Drama

Hello all! I hope you're enjoying summer. I know I am. And by "enjoying summer" I of course mean "watching tons of TV," most notably Real Housewives eps on Bravo and Dawson's Creek on DVD.

Last night (Sunday) a new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired and of course I got some friends together to watch/mock. These ladies are my favorites of all the housewives, and this week's episode was no exception...even if the drama was a bit slow.

The "plot," once again, centered around Teresa and her brother Joe not getting along, and of course around Teresa and Melissa not getting along. And this time they dragged the kids into it. Teresa's oldest daughter had a gymnastics meet and she wanted her uncle Joe to be there. Of course this created a problem because Teresa, Joe, and Melissa don't get along (and this of course has nothing to do with the obvious weird sexual tension between Teresa and Joe...anyone else notice that?). Well, long story short--or rather, short story stretched out with editing to look like a long story short--Uncle Joe was late and it ruined the child's meet and caused yet another ridiculous reason for everyone to be mad at each other.

And that was pretty much the whole episode.

Oh, also, Jacqueline's bratty daughter Ashley got a brand new car. A Jeep. Cause...what other kind of car would one get for driving in the city? Caroline might get a radio show. Kathy and her husband parent their kids. This was all about as boring to watch as it was to type. Earlier in this blog post I said that these ladies were my favorite housewives, and I still mean that. But really, ladies? A kid's gymnastics meet and a new car? Remember the good old days with Danielle, when there was some REAL drama going on? Let's get back to that, please. The fight between Teresa and Joe has already played itself out, IMHO. Let's get some new fights going. And let's also leave the kids out of it because when the kids are involved it is no longer fun for me to watch your drama. It's just sad.
I'm frustrated with the Teresa/Joe feud not only because it's boring, but also because I REALLY want to like Teresa. She was my favorite during the first two seasons, and I don't like the Teresa I've been watching so far in season three. Teresa, if you're reading this: let it go. So your brother was late to your daughter's meet. He's obviously got some serious issues, one of them being that he is a douche. But so what? Get over it. Be the bigger person. Remember how badly you handled yourself around Danielle? I love to see you get upset, don't get me wrong. But find something more worthwhile to get upset about. Think of your cookbook sales. Fix things with your brother.

Next week's episode promises a confrontation between Joe and Teresa and then Melissa and Teresa, so here's hoping for a little more action!

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