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Blogulator Radio Episode 10: Dillon vs. Neptune

Blogulator Radio is proud to co-sponsor along with fellow Fancy Pants Gangsters netcasters Girl Germs: a Veronica Mars TV Party this Monday, June 13th, at the Red Stag Supper Club in Northeast Minneapolis. Girl Germs will spin some jams at 9pm and then BR’s very own Chris and Jerksica will be honored to screen their three favorite episodes of the great teen noir dramedy starting at 9:30pm. So in preparation for the event, Chris and Jerksica sit down in this ep to discuss why you should give Kristen Bell (that should be reason enough, by the way) and the rest of “V-Mars” a shot if you haven’t already. It’s available on Netflix Watch Instantly!

But before that, join Brigitte and Qualler as they give you a halftime report on Season 5 of Friday Night Lights, another of our favorite shows, as it heads into the final stretch of its denouement run on NBC. Julie Taylor may be the opposite of Veronica Mars in terms of empowered female characters, but we’ll be darned if she doesn’t break our heart a little more every week (in a good way). And if this were a contest, it would honestly be really tough to decide if Dillon, Texas, the home of the Lions, or Neptune, California, the home of Weevil Navarro and Logan Echolls, is the better fictional TV town.

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