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Blogulator Radio Episode #9: Full Upfrontal

Every year the five big networks present their fall and mid-season schedules for the upcoming year, in a big whoop-tee-doo for the press called “The Upfronts”, and every year television fans across the country get a little too excited, because in the end, more than half of these shows will be canceled before the next whoop-tee-doo. Nevertheless, we here at Blogulator Radio (Qualler, Chris, Brigitte, and DoktorPeace) have decided to take it upon ourselves to run through all 44 of the shows that will attempt to capture that precious 18-49 demographic in the upcoming season. Why? Because we like making fun of stuff that technically doesn’t even exist yet.

Beginning with NBC, you’ll hear back-and-forths about Chelsea Handler’s divisive new semi-autobiographical sitcom Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, Will Arnett’s latest attempt at recapturing his glory years as Gob Bluth, Up All Night, and the adaptation of the successful UK series Prime Suspect, starring Maria Bello, among others. Next, FOX’s highlights include the silly-yet-possibly-entertaining JJ Abrams production Alcatraz, the questionable Zooey Deschanel-led sitcom New Girl, and the much-hyped dinosaur/time travel show (but don’t call it Land of the Lost!) Terra Nova. Then there’s ABC, who’s presenting the most number of new shows, such as the Mad Men-spirited (but on airplanes!) Pan Am starring Christina Ricci, the one-of-two fairy tale fantasy/sci-fi shows Once Upon a Time, and the curious James Van Der Beek comedy Apartment 23. CBS, meanwhile, will surely turn all of their interesting premises into rote procedurals, though we’re still anxious to see them try to prove us wrong with Person of Interest, starring Michael Emerson aka Ben from Lost, as well as A Gifted Man, the latest ghost show, this time crossed with the doctor/hospital show, featuring Patrick Wilson, and 2 Broke Girls, with Kat Dennings and someone who’s not a movie star as, you guessed it, broke girls trying to make it in the big city together. The CW also is attempting to become legitimate, with shows starring Rachel Bilson and Sarah Michelle Gellar, but we hardly understand why.

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  1. Blogger christine | 2:49 PM |  

    Hey guys! The link to this episode is playing last week's episode - wanted to let y'all know. Let me know when it's updated so I can listen!

  2. Blogger chris | 2:52 PM |  

    Thanks for the correction, Christine! We're on it.

  3. Blogger chris | 5:35 PM |  

    And it's fixed! Apologies from Fancy Pants Gangsters for the error.

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